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AFAB Enterprises
The PR-111 in-line process refractometer can monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or water soluble liquids in process lines. It will continuously measure the refractive index without periodic sampling costs.
Agilent Technologies
Manufacturer of a wide range of analytical instrumentation relating to mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, chromatography, and biotechnology.
Allometrics, Inc.
Sales of lab supplies and instrumentation. NIST trace calibration and repair service for lab equipment. Includes list of products and services.
Alpha Omega Technologies, Inc.
Sales, rentals and leases of new and refurbished laboratory equipment including GC, GC-MS, HPLC and UV/Vis. Parts and supplies, including parts for discontinued HP/Agilent products. Depot repair Services are available.
Automated analysis for continuous-flow equipment, consumables and repair parts for the Technicon AutoAnalyzer.
Bruker, Inc.
Manufacturer of instrumentation of life sciences, biotechnology, and analytical applications. Known for NMR, X-Ray, and mass spectrometer instruments.
CH Instruments, Inc.
US manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation
Colloid Dynamics
Instrumentation for measuring particle size and zeta potential of colloids.
Compco Analytical, Inc.
Services and sells new and used Hewlett Packard GC and GC/MS systems. Also buys used equipment.
Exeter Analytical
Offers instruments for determining the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur content of an unknown substance. Includes product list and contact information.
Freeman Technology
Powder flowability specialists. The FT4 Powder Rheometer combines a rheometer with a shear cell capability and a compression tester.
Gilson, Inc.
Systems for high quality products drug discovery, high throughput, combinatorial chemistry, liquid chromatography and sample preparation. Equipment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic biochemistry, food, beverage and OEM applications.
Sells and repairs new, pre-owned, and refurbished analytical laboratory, clinical laboratory, hospital laboratory, biotechnology, and general laboratory instrumentation. [English, Espanol]
GR Scientific
Experts in coulometric Karl Fischer titration technology. List of distributors, product news, and locations of some conferences where the company has been or will be an exhibitor.
Hoentzsch GmbH
Since 1976 the DIN ISO 9001 certified Hoentzsch GmbH develops and manufactures flow measurement instruments for a wide spectrum of applications.
Ionic Systems GmbH
Manufacturer of devices for the measurement and control of oxygen with solid electrolytes. Also supplier of electronic measurement and control devices and associated lab equipment.
Manufactures products for professionals working in water pollution monitoring and abatement, wastewater process control, and field and laboratory work.
J2 Scientific
Scientific automated lab equipment manufacturer, dealer and service provider specializing in GPC clean up, automated soxhlet extration and aoyomated sample digestion. Provides complete service, technical support and replacement parts.
Autosamplers, detectors, pumps, systems, data collection, chromatographs and accessories for HPLC, GC, capillary electrophoresis, and other chromatography and analytical applications.
Magnet Tech
Manufacturer of spectrometers, accessories, and lab glassware. Includes details about products and their applications.
McNab Chemical Processing/Petrochemical Systems
McNab turbidity instrumentation provides across-the-pipe measurement without sampling, in real-time and under actual process conditions.
Manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation for water analysis to measure many parameters including ph, oxygen, chlorine, ammonia, iron, phosphate and chloride.
Oakton Instruments
Offers scientific instruments for research, industrial and educational uses.
Oxford Instruments
Develops and supplies high technology instrumentation to customers in industry, research, academia and healthcare.
Instruments for surface area determination, pore size distribution, particle sizing, dynamic light scattering, vapor sorption and density measurement.
Qcm, quartz crystal microbalance instruments for surface biochemistry and polymer research. The instrument measures mass and viscoelastic changes for processes occurring on surfaces or in thin films.
Rank Brothers Ltd.
The product range includes oxygen electrodes, magnetic stirrers, photometric dispersion analysers, microelectrophoresis apparatus, polyelectrolytic titrators and agrochemical emulsion stability testers.
Stevenson Reeves Ltd.
Manufacturers of precision hydrometers for industrial, laboratory, and home uses.
Supercritical Fluid Technologies
The only full-service company in the supercritical fluid (SCF) field. Provides a full range of services and proven, field tested products in supercritical fluid extraction and reaction science.
Taylor Scientific
Distributor of laboratory chemicals, lab supplies, and lab equipment.
Tekran Mercury Instruments
Manufactures and sells trace mercury detection instruments, and related items.
Xytel Corporation
Pilot plant engineering and construction company.
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