These sites are from individual or companies that primarily consult on chemical matters. Such as method development, process development, chemical synthesis and or chemical manufacturing, sales or methodology.

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AKos Consulting and Solutions GmbH (AKos GmbH)
Markets for several companies and offers a variety of software and services. Provides data and tools to manage information for scientists in chemistry and material science.
The Catalyst Group
Consulting firm focused on identifying emerging technologies in the chemical, refining, petrochemicals, polymer and elastomers, and pharmaceuticals industries.
Cawse and Effect LLC
Provide consulting, technical support and training in development and optimization of new materials in high throughput and combinatorial experimentation, and optimization of chemical processes using statistical methods.
CCM: China Chemicals Market
International consulting company focusing on material-based chemicals for companies that wish to penetrate the chemical, pharmaceutical and material-based markets of China and the Asia-Pacific Rim.
CECON - Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers
Represents over 700 chemical consultants, consulting chemical engineers, polymer consultants, scientific consultants, and chemical experts experienced in technical consulting, management consulting and as expert witnesses.
Offers technical services, workshops and training courses, networking services, event organisation, consultancy and expert testimony to the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries.
Chemical Consultant
Polymers, surfactants, and paper chemistry
Chemical Consultants Network
An organization of chemical consultants, generally in NY, NJ, PA. Sponsored by the ACS and AIChE. Its membership may be searched by discipline.
Chemistry Consulting
Consultant in Organic Fluorocarbons.
Specializes in polymer chemistry and process technology, providing contract research and development, process development, and production to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.
Choksi Laboratories Ltd.
A group of research laboratories and consulting offices.
Eltron Research & Development, Inc.
Helping developers investigate and validate the technical and economic feasibility for commercial application of new technologies in energy, catalysis, materials, chemicals and the environment.
Gatechair Consulting
Dr. Leslie Gatechair provides consulting services in chemical processes involving photochemistry, photopolymerization, light stability of coatings, inhibiting polymerization, package stability, experimental design, tar reduction and distillation process improvements.
Industrial Analytical Services, Inc.
Chemists are qualified industrial analysts, consultant lab.
Scientific Solutions
Serving the outsourcing needs of the scientific community.
TRIZ Consulting, Inc.
Provides consulting and facilitation in new product generation development, quality improvement, solving long-standing problems, failure analysis, and related issues.
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