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Axner Group
Laser-based research on trace-element detection, microsurgery and cooling and trapping.
Chen Group
Electrospray ionization Tandem mass spectrometry, spectroscopy and dynamics, computational chemistry.
Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry: Solution Chemistry
Prof Werner Kunz' research group at Regensburg University studying the characterization, conception and practical application of complex nano-structured liquids and their interfaces.
Institute of Physical Chemistry
A research and educational unit within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
Undertakes fundamental research in physical chemistry, electrochemistry and chemical physics. Located at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Laboratory for the Study of Intermolecular Interactions
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jäger's research group at the University of Alberta. Includes group members, research and publications.
Lyon Group
Hydrogel and nanoparticulate materials chemistry.
Moerner Group
Single-molecule spectroscopy and microscopy. Single-molecule biophysics and nanophotonics.
NanoStructured Materials Group
Prof. Minko's group studies and fabricates synthetic smart materials and biomaterials on a nanoscale and the scale of single molecules.
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory
History, research, postgraduate, undergraduate, safety information at Oxford University.
Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Physical Chemistry
Offers pictures of the academy, contact information, history, laboratory and educational services.
The Saykally Group
Active projects include nonlinear chemical imaging nanomicroscopy of nanostructured materials, polymers, and biological systems, terahertz laser spectroscopy of water clusters, infrared cavity ringdown spectroscopy of ions and clusters, synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy of liquid surfaces, chemistry at liquid surfaces, and single photon counting IR emission spectroscopy of PAHs.
Steer Group
Spectroscopy, photophysics and photochemistry.
University of Florida: Bowers Research Group
Develops methods for NMR sensitivity enhancement with applications to structure, dynamics, transport, novel quantum states and anomalous physical phenomena.
York Centre for Laser Spectroscopy
Study of Van der Waals and other weakly bonded aromatic complexes.

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