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The Adhesion Society
Organization of scientists and others dedicated to scientific and technical issues related to the science and technology of adhesion.
American Chemical Society
Primary professional organization for chemists and related occupations.
American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS)
An international scientific society open to all individuals and corporations who are interested in fats, oils, surfactants, detergents and related materials. Site includes information about membership, lab services, new and events, and journals published by the society,
California Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Conducts meetings in and around Los Angeles, California, United States featuring industry speakers presenting the innovations and topics within the cosmetic industry.
Dutch Society of Plastic and Rubber Technologists (VKRT)
Provides abstracts of seminars, info on new technologies, companies, institutes, and journals.
European Society for Applied Physical Chemistry
Works to promote applied physical chemistry through networking, conferences and education.
International Carotenoid Society
Promoting and supporting carotenoid science and research.
International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD)
Supports the utilization of the chemical sciences among professionals around the world to help with specified problems for developing countries in the areas of health, agriculture and chemistry. Page includes list of working groups, events schedule, and publications.
International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry
Membership information of the association.
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
The world authority on chemical nomenclature, terminology, standardized methods for measurement, atomic weights and other critically evaluated data.
KNCV: Royal Netherlands Chemical Society
Professional organisation for chemists and chemical engineers in The Netherlands.
National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers
NOBCChE aims to build an eminent community of scientists and engineers by increasing the number of minorities in these fields.
New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (NZIC)
Represents the profession and practice of chemistry in New Zealand.
Royal Society of Chemistry
Organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Activities span education and training, conferences and science policy, and the promotion of the chemical sciences to the public.
Society of Chemical Industry
A multidisciplinary network connecting industry, research and consumer affairs at all levels.
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
The Society strives to increase and disseminate scientific information through meetings and publications. Promoting research in cosmetic science and industry.
Society of Cosmetic Chemists - Southwest Chapter - Dallas, TX
Striving to increase and disseminate scientific information through meetings, events, and by promoting research in cosmetic science and industry.
Swiss Society for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (STK)
Promotes research in thermal analysis and chemical thermodynamics for members from industry and universities by conferences, symposia and scientific exchange. STK is related to ICTAC and ESTAC.
TCNJ Gamma Sigma Epsilon
The Sigma Beta chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon at College of New Jersey recognizes outstanding students demonstrating exceptional ability in the field of chemistry.

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