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This category is for sites specializing in supply of reagents, equipment and services for organic chemistry laboratories.

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Offers fine organic substance samples for high throughput screening, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnology and QSAR research. Custom synthesis of organic compounds also available. Moscow, Russia.
Aurora Fine Chemicals
Specializes in custom synthesis, compound libraries, intermediates and building blocks for research and development. Features a downloadable product database and ordering instructions. Based in Graz, Austria. [English and German]
Bharavi Laboratories Ltd.
Provides contract research and development including natural products chemistry, organic synthesis, organic reaction mechanisms, separation technologies and chromatography.
Provides custom and contract synthesis services including screening compounds, building blocks and compound libraries.
BUJNO Synthesis Sp
Contract research organization manufacturing research quantities of novel organic chemicals especially heterocycles, steroids and sugars.
ChemoGenics BioPharma
Contract research organization providing custom synthesis of simple as well as complex chemical substances in small or larger quantities.
Combi-Blocks, Inc.
Worldwide supplier for combinatorial chemistry building blocks. Catalog of chemicals available, with offer of custom synthesis, and contacts in San Diego, California.
Daren Labs
A scientific consultancy specializing in chemistry, materials, polymers, synthesis and industrial processes. In Hebrew and English.
Eburon Organics
Manufactures synthons and reagents for organic chemistry, with a focus on selenium and tellurium compounds, organotin compounds, calixarenes, acetals and chiral compounds. Offers product information sheets, custom synthesis, and search by substructure.
Exclusive Chemistry Ltd.
Provides discovery and development services, synthetic intermediates and custom synthesis.
Focus Synthesis
Manufacturer of synthons, building blocks and research chemicals optimized for drug discovery using cheminformatics-based design. Also offers custom synthesis.
GLSynthesis Inc.
Specializes in custom organic synthesis and contract research and development. Products include starting materials and intermediates, drug candidates and reference compounds.
High Force Research
Specializes in the development and production of organic synthetics, pharmaceutical intermediates and custom synthesis. Additionally provides process advising and research and development services.
IS Chemical Technology
Offers building blocks and screening compounds used in drug discovery and pre-clinical development, with laboratories in Hunan Province and Shandong Province, China.
LeadGen Labs
Provides custom synthesis and contract research services including compound libraries, intermediates, building blocks and scale up.
MIC Scientific Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals with particular emphasis on heterocyclic and aromatic compounds such as pyridines, pyrimidines, indoles and phenylboronic acids. Wuhan, China.
Neosyn Laboratories
Custom manufacturer specializing in the synthesis and purification of organic chemicals, on a semi-micro to bench scale. Product list and contacts in New Milford, Connecticut.
Prepares rare and specialty chemicals, building blocks, scaffolds, chiral ligands, phosphorous compounds, heterocyclic compounds, haptens and immunogens.
Organomed Corporation
Providing custom synthesis of specialty biochemicals, drug intermediates and natural products with medicinal and biological activity.
PI Chemical System
Providers of fine chemicals, building blocks and pharmaceutical intermediates with a catalog of over 20,000 standard products and custom synthesis. Shanghai, China.
Research Directions Pty Ltd.
Provides organic chemical synthesis and purification, natural product library management, and analytical services from Auchenflower, Queensland.
TriMen Chemicals
Provides contract research to pharmaceutical and biochemical companies worldwide. Lodz, Poland.
Vitas-M Laboratory
Supplier of small molecule organic compounds for HTS screening and combinatorial chemistry.
ZereneX Molecular Ltd.
Offers custom and contract synthesis services including screening compounds, building blocks, coupling reagents compound libraries and metabolites.
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