This section of the directory contains sites that deal with the advanced and basic theory of NMR and MRI, you will find tutorials as well as a few slide shows. The theory of NMR spectra interpretation will also be presented. 09/13/01

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Introduction to (high resolution) multidimensional solution NMR spectroscopy. Description of line-shapes, product operator formalism, phase-cycling, pulsed field gradients and relaxation. By James Keeler. Also contains the full text of "EMBO Course: Il Ciocco" lecture notes.
Applications for measuring scalar and residual dipolar couplings in proteins
By Perttu Permi. The entire paper and dissertation is available in pdf format.
Biomolecular structure determination by using solution NMR spectroscopy
Bibliography of G.M.Clore: Reviews and original papers on protein structure determination by solution NMR spectroscopy. Some of the reviews are introductory and the others are intended for experts.
Bruce King and Yue-Ling Wong's NMR Tutorials and Exercises
2 really good simple tutorials on Proton and Carbon NMR.
Ch 13 - NMR basics
A good explanation of NMR as it pertains to structure elucidation. Concentrates on 1H and 13C NMR. Includes some 2D experiments.
Distance geometry by T.Havel
Description of the distance geometry method used in bio-molecular structure determination.
Fourier and the Frequency Domain
A great discussion and tutorial of FFT and DSP.
FT NMR spectroscopy: Nobel Lecture
Insightful discussion of many aspects of FTNMR, multi-dimensional NMR and MRI by Nobel laureate R.R.Ernst.
Lecture Course: NMR Spectroscopy
A very good and very useful course in the basic and advanced theory of NMR Spectroscopy. Covers 1D and 2D.
Levitt group publications
A list of the various publications from the Levitt group. There are some that can be downloaded. From 1994 to 2004.
Principles of nuclear induction
Nobel lecture by Felix Bloch. [PDF]
Provides a resource for all things to do with rheo-nmr, rheology and NMR.
The Wired Chemist
Includes an introduction to chemistry, lecture notes and quizzes for students, data tables, and molecular images. With NMR tables and information for the beginner.
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