This category has sites with information about magnet and RF safety. There are a few sites that have certain types of shielding for magnetic and RF fields. The magnetic field from MRI and NMR magnets are static fields, not time varying fields. 10/07/00

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10-year Retrospective Of MRI Safety (2011)
Review of 10 years of MRI safety progress following infamous 2001 Colombini MRI death.
American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety
The ABMRS credentials MRI safety professionals (technologists / radiographers, physicians, and medical physicists) in knowledge of MRI safety practices.
Dr. Kanal's MRI Safety Officer Training Course
Information on training course for MRI Safety Officers (technologists / radiographers) and MRI Medical Directors (radiologists). Site provides information on course content, dates, and registration information.
Junk Architects - MRI Suite Safety
Architects specializing in design of MRI suites. Contains links to resources, articles and information on presentations on MRI suite safety issues.
Lindgren Enclosures
Lindgren is a supplier of shielding solutions for electromagnetic and radio frequency. (EMI/RFI)
Linear Research Associates
Active magnetic shielding and magnetic field compensation systems.
Magnetic Shield Corporation
Shielding for your magnetic field.
MRI magnet safety
Updated, revised and significantly expanded version of the ACR's MR safety standard. Includes patient videos. [pdf]
MRI Safety
a web site that has crucial information for healthcare providers and patients.
MRI Safety
A fairly complete run down of the usual magnet and RF safety rules as they pertain to a specific facility with a MRI system in place.
MRI safety
Some information from the FDA about Magnet safety.
MRI shielding
MRI and magnetic field shielding. Active and passive magnetic field shielding.
MµShield Magnetic Shielding
Magnetic Shield Design and Manufacturing. Monitor Enclosures designed to eliminate EMI, technical notes, heat treating.
PureAire Oxygen Monitors
O2 Monitors for your Helium or Nitrogen fills. Be safe.
Risks of a Magnet Quench
Some significant risks exist in the event of a magnet quench. Some are outlined here.
SDI Canada
Provides worldwide RF and MRI shielding solutions for your system.
Simply Physics Photo Archive of MRI Accidents
Collected photos of ferrous objects drawn to MRI machines by what is called the 'missile-effect.'
SMRT Home Page( Society of MRI Technologists, International)
MRI Technologist Society. Some safety information.
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