Since the majority of suggested sites have come from this continent, this category has been created to help users locate their nearest facility.  Many laboratories receive samples by post or courier, and provide a chain of custody (COC) form for potential legal cases.  Reporting of results can be by electronic means, so although the locality is included at the end of the description, users can judge from the site the most suitable for their needs.


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Accurate Labs
Offers analytical support for projects involving soil, sludge, drinking, waste, storm and ground water. Primarily serving municipal and industrial clients in states surrounding Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Analyses for industrial, engineering, consultants and government clients, reporting through LIMS online data service, throughout the USA, from regional labs, headquartered in Dayton, New Jersey.
ACZ Laboratories, Inc.
Offer state compliant analyses for inorganic and organic contaminants, such as mine and surface water, and mercury in biota tissue. Details of certification, techniques used, chain of custody, serving clients worldwide from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Air Toxics Ltd.
Specializing in analysis of ambient and indoor samples, source emissions, soil and landfill gas, for federal, state and private industrial projects nationwide. Includes FAQ, profile of analyses and company in Folsom, California.
American Analytical Laboratory, Inc.
Offers analysis of air toxics, groundwater, wastewater, drinking water, solid waste for industrial hygiene analyses and consulting. Profile of company with labs in Akron and Dublin, Ohio.
Analytical Environmental Services, Inc.
List of equipment and types of analyses performed, professional certifications, available service levels, reporting formats and contacts including location in Atlanta, Georgia.
Basic Laboratory
Laboratory certified for analysis of UCMR2, NPDES, UST, mercury by EPA 1631, EPA 1638, as well as microbiology, bioassay, metals, minerals, nutrients, organics in soil and water, at Redding, California.
Offer analyses for inorganics, heavy metals, volatile organics, pesticides, herbicides, radiochemicals and microbes in drinking water. Includes prices for homeowner tests, and contacts for labs in Bend and Myrtle Creek, Oregon.
Con-Test Analytical Laboratory
Analyses, pricing, turnaround, chain of custody forms and client login for water, soil, aqueous, air or solid matrices. Includes accredition status and profile of consultancy based in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
Cornerstone Laboratories, LLC.
Offers microbiological, trace level organic and inorganic analyses, including metals, volatiles, semi-volatiles, pesticides, herbicides in oils, water, soil and food. Regulatory compliant service from Memphis, Tennessee.
Environmental Chemistry Consulting Services, Inc.
Nationwide mobile laboratories and consultants for pesticides, herbicides, carbamate, polycyclic aromatic and volatile organic compounds. Includes contacts for fixed lab in Madison, Wisconsin.
Environmental Monitoring and Technologies, Inc.
Specialists in water and air analyses, covering particulates, inorganics and organic toxins, offering mobile field sampling. Includes chain of custody form, and overview of their laboratory in Morton Grove, Illinois.
Environmental Science Corp.
Offering analysis for indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, food, water, and waste water microbiology. Lists employment opportunities, certifications, client support centers throughout the USA, for laboratory in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.
Environmental Services Company
Offer US EPA approved pollutant scanning, TCLP analyses and GC-MS on hazardous waste, water and air emissions. Provides chain of custody in PDF or analysis by mobile unit operating out of Little Rock and Springdale, Arkansas.
ESS Laboratory
Offers certified analysis of volatiles and semi-volatiles, metals, water, wastewater, siloxanes, soil, sludge, sediment and wetlands. Includes certifications, and profile of Thielsch Engineering divion at Cranston, Rhode Island.
First Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Details of facilities and equipment, quality assurance, accreditation list, staff and sample policies, from lab providing analyses for government and consultants, at Naperville, Illinois.
Flett Research Ltd.
Laboratory specializing in radioactive dating from isotopes of lead, cesium and mercury, in tissue, water, sediments, air and other media. Describes methods and competency at Winnipeg, Canada.
Fountain Valley Analytical Laboratory
Offers chemical and microbiolgical analysis of samples for both naturally occurring constituents, as well as contaminants in drinking, natural, recreational and waste water at state certified testing laboratory in Westminster, Maryland.
Frontier Analytical Laboratory
Specialist in trace level analysis of dioxin, furans and PCBs in various matrices by HR GCMS. Provides method list, PDF chain of custody form, client login, sampling kits and contacts in El Dorado Hills, California.
Geo Labs, Inc.
Details of analytical testing and examination laboratory, working with materials such as organics, inorganics, water, air, soil and metals, throughout Northeast from Braintree, Massachusetts.
Jay Kay Testing
Performs laboratory testing on soils for the evauation of engineering properties in order to design foundations for roads, buildings and other structures.
Legend Technical Services, Inc.
Offers analysis for industrial hygiene, indoor air quality,including microbiology and consulting in four states.
Mahaffey Laboratory Ltd.
Offering tests on drinking water, gas and oil wells, mine drainage and brine water analysis in Grampian, Pennsylvania.
Marine Chemist Service, Inc.
Specializing in asbestos, lead, hazardous waste, and industrial hygiene, with specialty in maritime conditions. Certifications and contacts in Newport News and Norfolk, Virginia.
McCampbell Analytical, Inc.
Offering analysis of organics, inorganics and metallic contaminants in drinking water, effluent, solids, air and hazardous waste. Includes certification, chain of custody form, and capabilities at Pittsburg, California.
Mobile Labs
Offer analysis of hydrocarbons and inorganics in oil, water and air, with mobile service from Giddings and Odessa, Texas.
MVA Scientific Consultants
MVA provides analytical support to industries by the use of electron and light microscopy. Specialized lab services concentrated on the analysis and identification of small samples are available. Litigation support services also available.
National Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Profile of testing and consulting company, with expertise in the mold, asbestos and lead industries. Includes home visits from Rancho Cordova, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.
New Age/Landmark, Inc.
Mobile laboratory listing company news, capabilities, job opportunities, quotation form and contacts in Benton Harbor, Michigan.
New England ChromaChem
Laboratory offering analysis of soil, drinking and waste water. Lists tests and contacts in Salem, Massachusetts.
New England Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Details of quality assurance, for reporting volatile hydrocarbons, semivolatile organics and metals in soil, water and air from NELAP-certified laboratory on Rhode Island.
New Jersey Analytical Laboratories
State certified laboratory specializing in analysis of well and drinking water, and offering air, water, ground water and soil tests, and remediation projects. Includes profile of laboratory in Pennington.
North Coast Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Offers analysis of water, air and soil, following EPA established protocols. Lists equipment, capabilities, test parameters, includes chain of custody form and contacts in Streetsboro, Ohio.
Northeast Technical Services
Environmental analytical laboratory specializing in construction materials testing, and water/wastewater treatment plant.
PAR Laboratories, Inc.
Company profile, instrumentation of EPA certified lab, specializing in water, wastewater, soil, asbestos, and petroleum products at Charlotte, North Carolina.
Peace Analytical Laboratories
Canadian laboratory at Clairmont, Alberta, offering a wide range of services including environmental soil analyses, water quality testing, drilling and hazardous waste assessments as well as toxicity bioassay services.
Phase Separation Science, Inc.
Commercial laboratory analyzing soil, water, waste and air samples. Includes capabilities, state certifications, turnaround options, online chain of custody form and reporting for clients throughout the USA from Baltimore, Maryland.
Phoenix Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Offers analysis of organisc and inorganics in soils, water, sludge, and solids meeting EPA and state requirements. Includes chain of custody form, directions, and profile of company serving New England and New York from Manchester, Connecticut.
Prairie Analytical Systems, Inc
Offers trace metal, organic and waste characterization, and regulatory projects such as closure of underground storage tanks. Includes online reporting and contacts in Crystal Lake and Springfield, Illinois.
Precision Analytical, Inc.
Offers turn-key analyses including legally defensible data, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.
Quantum Laboratories, Inc.
Specializing in environmental analysis and industrial testing, and offering tap-water testing and online reports. Includes search by analyte and method, directions, and facilities at Wixom, Michigan.
RI Analytical Laboratories
Analyses chemicals and biological contaminants in soil, water, and assesses exposure to asbestos, lead paint, and indoor air quality. Lists certifications, and offices serving New England from Warwick, Rhode Island and Hudson, Massachusetts.
Sierra Analytical Labs, Inc.
Facility for soil, water and vapor samples, with departments for wet chemistry, inorganics, organics, and microbilogy. Includes online tour, key personeel, chain of custody form and contacts for Laguna Hills, California.
Spectra Laboratories
Details of analysis on water, underground storage tanks, soil, biodeisel, waste oils, industrial analysis, and hazardous waste. Includes chain of custody form, and location of facilities serving the Pacific Northwest, from Tacoma, Washington.
Spectrum Analytical, Inc.
Offering quantitative analysis of air, water, soil, petroleum samples, as well as Superfund and forensic studies in support of geochemistry research. Links to PEL in Florida, Mitkem in Rhode Island, and headquarters in Agawam, Massachusetts.
Spectrum Laboratories Inc.
Offers analyeses to municipal, industrial, and research communities for detecting and monitoring pollution. Includes advice, instrumentation, jobs and profile of facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
Stevens Ecology
Provides scientific consulting and analytical services for consumers as well as agricultural, environmental and scientific organizations.
Teklab Environmental Testing Laboratory
Laboratory in the Midwest testing samples including wastewater, groundwater, soils, special wastes, hazardous wastes, oil, sludge samples and drinking water.
TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc.
Offers legally defensible analytical data for semivolatiles, volatiles pesticides and metals, in air, water and earth matrices. Includes laboratory locator for the nearest state, with divisional headquarters in California.
Torrent Laboratory, Inc.
State certified facilities offers analysis of waste water, solid waste, and storm water. Includes custom capabilities, and community outreach projects, with contacts in Milpitas and Oakland, California.
Tri-State Laboratories, Inc.
Analysis of asbestos, hazardous waste, and field sampling for metals, inorganics and organics. Includes profile and key personnel offering forensic analysis and court testimony from Youngstown, with labs in North Ridgeville, Ohio.
TriMatrix Laboratories, Inc.
Corporate information, federal services, including analysis of water, soil, sediment and air samples submitted to their labs at Grand Rapids, Michigan.
University of Georgia: Lab for Environmental Analysis
Offers analysis of organics, metals, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur and contaminants in samples submitted on the campus, and for the state. Lists extraction methods, facilities, prices and directions.
Western Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Details of tests on metal finishing plating baths, soil, hazardous waste, wastewater and drinking water, including coliform bacteria at labs in Chino, California.
Zalco Laboratories Inc
Specializing in the analyses of petroleum and gas, organics, inorganics, fish bioassay, hazardous waste and drinking water. Includes qualifications of EPA certified analytical facilities in Bakersfield, California.
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