This category lists sites for organizations which themselves do not conduct scientific research, but aim to spread information about research methods and results in the field of Environmental Chemistry.  These associations organize meetings, provide research grants and other activities for scientists in the field.  Scientists active in Environmental Chemistry are encouraged to become members of such organizations.

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ACS: Division of Environmental Chemistry
Open to members and National Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Lists archives of symposia, student awards, approved programs, certificated members, contacts for joining.
Association of Chemistry and the Environment
Non-profit group of European scientists from fields of atmosphere science, biology, geology, soil science, industrial chemistry, sociology, medicine, toxicology and water science, promoting education in this area.
Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association
JEMCA is committed to improving efficiency of the technologies and certification in tests of air and water pollution, and hazardous materials. Includes organization and training programs in Tokyo.
New York Association of Approved Environmental Laboratories
NYAAEL is a non-profit organization of the state's Department of Health, with events, membership form, officials, inviting representatives from industries testing for hazards in air, drinking and waste water, and solid waste.
Pennsylvania Association of Accredited Environmental Laboratories
PaAAEL is an network of professionals at labs accredited by the state's Department of Environmental Protection, to test drinking water, solid, aqueous or airborne waste for hazards. Includes details of online training, membership, and contacts throughout the state.
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
SETAC is an independent, nonprofit society providing a forum for individuals and environmental institutions, to discuss issues, management, conservation research and development.
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