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Bioengineering and Bioelectrochemistry Group
Research group at the university of Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, SPAIN. Bioelectrochemistry and biosensors.
Center for Electrochemical Research and Development (CIDETEC)
Performs research and development activities in all electrochemical technologies, mainly advanced batteries, super capacitors and fuel cells. (English and Spanish)
Compton Group at Oxford
AFM, sonochemistry, fast voltammetry, photochemistry, electroanalysis, and computational chemistry. Click "Data Analysis" button for access to working curves for various mechanisms online.
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Patras, Greece. Includes the Laboratory of Chemical & Electrochemical Processes, the Laboratory of Heterogeneous Catalysis and the Laboratory of Ceramic & Composite Materials.
Electrochemistry Group
Provides information on the research being undertaken at the Department of Chemistry, Umea University, Sweden.
F.G. Banica
Research interests include electrochemistry, surface chemistry, carotenoid electrochemistry, metalloproteins and electrocatalysis.
ICTM: Department of Electrochemistry
Provides information on the fundamental and applied research being undertaken at the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Beograd, Serbia.
Kounaves Research Group
Research focused on fundamental questions in planetary science using analytical chemistry and electrochemically-based sensors. Major area of interest is the use of in-situ chemical analysis systems to understand Mars, its geochemistry, and potential for supporting microbial life. Also the application of the same techniques to investigate the sub-glacial oceans on Europa.
Laboratory of Molecular Electrochemistry
Provides information on the research being undertaken at the University of Turin, Italy.
Professor Alexey Davydov
Head of Laboratory of Physical Electrochemistry, Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences. Includes biography, research interests and selected publications.
Southampton Electrochemistry Group
Research group in electrochemistry, chemistry links research news.
Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group
The pages of the groups of Prof. Pat Unwin and Dr. Julie Macpherson detailing research in electrochemistry, interfacial processes and nanotechnology.
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