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Commercial manufacturers of electrochemical instrumentation are welcomed here. Potentiostats, Galvanostats, Electroanalytical instrumentation, Software.

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ACM Instruments
Manufacturers of corrosion monitoring instrumentation, including potentiostat, galvanostat, ZRA, EIS and LPR meters.
Fast potentiostats, mercury electrodes, PSA, waveform generators.
AMMT sells all-in-one solutions for MEMS fabrication by electrochemical etch-stop and porous silicon formation.
Analytical Sensors, Inc.
Quality electrochemical sensors: pH, conductivity, ORP, temperature, ion selective, dissolved oxygen and solutions. Laboratory and industrial sensors.
Arbin Instruments Inc.
A developer and manufacturer of testing systems for electrochemical research and for the testing and production of energy storage devices including batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors. (all chemistries). Intrinsically SAFE systems for lithium battery research and development and formation.
Manufacturer of potentiostats, galvanostats and impedance analysers for EIS, materials engineering, corrosion research and fuel cells development. Also manufactures multiplexers, electrochemical cells and accessories and software for instruments.
Autolab Electrochemistry Instruments
Eco Chemie B.V. manufactures and sells AUTOLAB electrochemical instruments.
Bank Elektronik - Intelligent Controls GmbH
Potentiostats and other electrochemical Instrumentation from one designed by Hans Wenking in 1959. Primer on potentiostats and their applications as galvanostats, zero resistance ammeters and hi-fi amplifiers.
Bio-Logic Science Instruments
Designs and manufactures potentiostats and galvanostats for research electrochemistry, applied corrosion, battery and fuel cell research, biomedical research, plating and sensor applications.
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.
BASi offers contract drug development laboratory services and manufactures specialized instrumentation and accessories for electrochemical analysis and in vivo sampling.
Manufacturer of screen-printed electrodes, potentiostats, wall-jet flow-cells, carbon nanotubes, and other devices for electrochemistry research. In English and Spanish.
Easy Constructed Electrode Kit
Multipurpose electrochemical kit with voltammetric electrodes, amperometric electrodes and electrochemical accessories.
EC-Tec manufactures sophisticated bipotentiostats with bandwidths in the MHz range for in situ Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) combined with various other in situ measurement techniques like electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).
Manufacturer of a range of potentiostats and electrochemistry software, as well as data recording and analysis tools.
Erlich Industrial Development, Corp.
Electro-chemistry product line includes: pH electrodes, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE 22 species), ORP electrodes, Conductivity (2, 4 Cells), Dissolved Oxygen (DO) electrodes and temperature sensors. Computerized lab equipment; meters (desktop, handheld and remote via PC), data loggers, electrodes, cells, probes, sensors, buffers.
Gamry Instruments, Inc.
Potentiostats and electrochemical software for electrochemical research, battery and fuel cell development, and corrosion science. Gamry electrochemical instruments perform pulse voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry (CV), electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), dc corrosion measurements, and electrochemical noise.
Gaskatel GmbH
Produces electrodes, converters, and sensors, and provides scientific consultation. Reversible Hydrogen Electrode. [German/English]
GP Instruments
Supplier of lab equipment for electrochemistry(potentiostats and accessories) and HPLC (autosamplers and accessories).
HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH
HEKA manufactures and sells potentiostats, bipotentiostats (for SECM and ring-disk) and patch clamp amplifiers.
IJ Cambria Scientific Ltd
Supplies a wide range of electrochemical instruments and accessories. Also offers a range of electrodes including custom electrodes.
Ivium Technologies
Develop and supply electrochemical instrumentation for general, portable and impedance applications.
KH Design and Development
Electrochemical corrosion measurement and control consultancy. Includes a profile of the firm and details of techniques.
Interface for electrochemical sensor instruments which can be used as a dedicated instrument or as a generic, programmable device for various sensors.
Pine Research Instrumentation
Manufacturer and supplier of products for electroanalytical chemistry including bipotentiostats, rotators, electrodes and software.
Princeton Applied Research
Provides instrumentation such as the potentiostat, galvanostat, impedance analyzer and imaging equipment for materials characterization, electrochemistry, corrosion, battery testing, electrochemical impedance and semiconductor measurements.
Radiometer Analytical
Radiometer analytical : manufacturer of pH and ion meter, potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrator, polarograph for trace analysis, potentiostat and impedance meter
Scribner Associates, Inc
Designers and manufacturers of hardware, software and accessories for electrochemistry. Solv-Tek, Inc - solvent purification system that removes water and other chemical impurities for use in chemistry labs.
pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, conductivity sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, chlorine dioxide sensors, and other electrochemical sensors for laboratory and industrial process applications.
Sentek Limited
UK based manufacturer of a wide range of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ion selective electrodes.
Surface Science Western
Consulting and research laboratory specializing in the analysis and characterization of surfaces and materials.
WonATech (Korea)
Distributor of instruments for electrochemistry, battery test system, polarography, voltammetry, EIS systems and corrosion measurement systems.
Xenosystem Co., Ltd.
Electrochemical instruments manufacturer for battery test systems and multichannel potentiostat/galvanostats. (Korean)
ZAHNER-elektrik GmbH & Co. KG
A manufacturer of the Electrochemical Workstations IM6 and IM6e. The systems provide a multitude of measurement and analysis methods for electrochemistry: EIS, CV, I/E scans, C/E scans, electrochemical noise. Some application notes are available for download.
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