Sites offering analytical services, dependent on mass spectrometry.

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Adpen Laboratories, Inc.
Specialist in capillary electrophoresis and LC-MS/MS, offering residue analysis, herbal, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical tests in Jacksonville, Florida.
Bio-Analytical Mass Spectrometry Facility
Offers research on biomolecules, mainly DNA, RNA and nucleosides, using LC-MS/MS, ESI quadrupole oa-TOF. Includes equipment list, sample prep instructions, submission forms, login for clients, and contacts at Rega Institute for Medical Research, Leuven, Belgium.
Cambridge University Mass Spectrometry
Educational material, offer analysis of samples for internal and other institutions, using with low or high resolution analysis LC-MS, GC-MS nanospray tandem MSn: ESI. Includes details of instruments and submission to England.
Iso-Analytical Ltd.
Stable isotope ratio MS laboratory offering analysis of carbon-13, nitrogen-15, sulphur-34, deuterium, and oxygen-18 at natural and enriched levels. Includes related links and details of facilities at Sandbach, England.
Mass Spec Analytical Ltd.
Chemists specialising in trace detection of drugs and alcohol, using isotope ratio spectrometry, working with customs, defence and police from Bristol, England.
Mass Spectrometry Center
The Center at the University of Washington offers analysis of submitted samples, instruction in the use of mass spectrometers and protocol development services.
Mass Spectrometry Facility
Training, personnel, instrumentation, services, rates, sample submission, instrument status and links at the Department of Chemistry Schedule, The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
Mass Spectrometry Facility at OCI, HD
Overview resources, research, with publications and methods available, including CI, EI, ESI, FAB, FD, LT-FAB and MALDI. Includes related links, glossary, FAQ, links to courses, at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
Proteomics Core Facility
Provides advice on building proteomics projects including selecting suitable analytical strategies. Offers some basic analytical services provided by the mass spectrometry instruments at the EPFL facility at Lausanne, Switzerland.
Stanford University Mass Spectrometry
Core facility specializing in proteomics, quantitation, protein ID and characterization, long column capillary chromatography, HRMS and MuDPIT. Offering support to researchers on campus, and worldwide from California.
Washington University Center for Biomedical and Bioorganic Mass Spectrometry
Resource and service list in high-performance sector, Fourier transform, and MALDI-MS.
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