A Mass Spectrometer is an instrument in which ions are analysed according to their mass-to-charge ratio.

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Advion BioSciences
Developer of automated, chip-based mass spectrometry technology, offering contract bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical industry. Publications available by registration, other details from Ithaca, NY and Norfolk, UK.
AMD Intectra GmbH.
Innovators in control electronics, software and magnetic sector MS offers bench top design and upgrade electrospray modules. Includes specifications and profile of company in Harpstedt, Germany.
BME - Bergmann Messgeraete
Manufacturer of time-of-flight mass spectrometers.
Bruker Corporation
Mass spectrometers MALDI-TOF/TOF, FTMS, ESI-Ion Trap, ESI-LC/TOF, and ESI-Q-q-TOF and mobile analyzers, with automated sample processing systems and software, for biochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental applications.
Hiden Analytical Ltd.
Quadrupole mass spectrometers for vacuum, plasma, residual gas and surface analysis. Includes specifications, applications and reference archive, with directions to headquarters in Warrington, England.
Manufacturer of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometers, TOF.SIMS and LEIS models for surface analysis, and vacuum SPM for nanoscale. System overviews and upgrade information, social media links and contacts in M√ľnster, Germany,
Ionicon Analytik GmbH.
Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometers, with publications and applications for a variety of organic compounds, including presence at pptv detection in air. Contacts in Innsbruck, Austria.
Ionics Mass Spectrometry Group, Inc.
Offer technical innovation, component design, development and experimentation with LC/MS and LC/MS/MS, by collaborating directly with laboratories in private, academic and government research from Concord, Canada.
Ionoptika Ltd.
Manufacturer of ion beam systems and guns for SIMS, ToF, and surface analysis. Includes company profile, parts catalog, service and upgrade contacts in Southampton, England.
Kore Technology Limited
Secondary Ion TOF, Portable mass analyser.
Kratos Analytical
reflectron MALDI TOF
LECO Corporation
Manufactures and markets Scientific Analytical instruments for various analytical requirements including high speed TOF-ICP-MS, GC-MS and LC-MS.
Mass Spectrometry Instruments Ltd.
MSI specializes in high performance magnetic sector double focusing mass spectrometer instruments. Products include the AutoConcept range, Elsima and the MACH 3Xe system.
MS-Service W. Lehmann
Offers GC/MS repair and maintenance services for MAT, Finnigan and Varian instruments, spare parts, upgrades, second-hand GC/MS systems, second-hand turbo-pumps and controller, new PC data system, from Weggis, Switzerland.
New Objective, Inc.
Resources focusing on electrospray, with explanation of application in nanobore chromatography. Features products, events, offers technical support and contacts in Woburn, Massachusetts.
Phoenix S&T, Inc.
Array of nanospray nozzles, with reservoir and sample input interface, on a micromolded polypropylene chip to co-exist with conventional ESI for back-to-back testing. Contacts in Elkton, MD.
Prosolia, Inc.
Commercial outlet for Purdue research on ion sources, miniaturization for mobile spectrometers. Includes applications, training links, careers and directions to Indianapolis, Indiana.
Syagen Technology, Inc.
Focusing on high-throughput molecular analysis, using their atmospheric pressure photoionization source, for detection of explosives and chemical agents, in aviation security and chemical defense. Also details of applications in drug discovery programs, and contacts at Tustin, California.
Syft Technologies Ltd.
Inventor and manufacturer of selected ion flow tube (SIFT)-MS, delivering real-time volatile organic carbon analysis from whole air. Includes examples of applications, systems, supporting documentation, contacts in Europe, North American and head office in Christchurch New Zealand.
Vacuum Technology Inc.
Manufacturer of magnetic-sector MS, applied to residual gas analyzers, leak testing and vacuum systems for other applications. Offers courses, leak detection, calibration and repair services from Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
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