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African Primates At Home
Images, audio, links and data about wild monkeys and apes studied by primatologist Dr. M.K. Holder in East Africa.
American Society of Primatologists
Data on scientific primatology, research, conservation efforts, teaching aids and the society's book series.
Atlas of the Primate Brain
Searchable database of stereotactic images of the primate brain for use as templates.
The Bwindi-Impenetrable Great Ape Project
Research in this National Park in Uganda centers on the ecological relationship of the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees.
Comparative Anatomy and Physiology Brought Up to Date
A comprehensive review of the scientific literature questioning whether humans are natural frugivores, vegetarians, omnivores or carnivores.
Courses on General Primate Biology, Primate Husbandry, Nutrition and Handling
Advanced and specialised training courses for scientists, students, animal caretakers and other staff involved in primate research.
Department of Primatology, Max Planck Institute
The department investigates issues related to the evolution of social systems, social behavior, cognitive abilities, and culture in apes.
Duke University Lemur Center
Conducts research on prosimian biology, conservation and evolution. Offers data on lemurs, lorises, pottos and bushbabies.
German Primate Center
Showcases general information, research, photograph gallery, publications and news. Based in Göttingen.
Laboratory Primate Newsletter
Quarterly publication about nonhuman primates for scientists who use these animals in their research. Archived issues from 1983.
New England Primate Research Center
Biomedical research unit affiliated with Harvard University. Data about research and education activities.
Oregon National Primate Research Center
Provide nonhuman primate resources for scientific programs. Includes information on the Center, research undertaken, how the animals are cared for and the research services provided.
The Primata
Comprehensive site that covers aspects of evolution, morphology, ecology, social behavior, communication, conservation and taxonomy.
Primate Brain
Digital cytoarchitectural atlas based on high-resolution images of serial sections of primate brains.
Primate Info Net
Includes data on the International Primatological Society, fact sheets, publications, news and media resources and career opportunities in primatology.
Primate Research Institute
Kyoto University's primate resources that include general information and photographs. Based in Japan.
Primate Society of Great Britain
Promotes research of primate biology, conservation and management. Provides thorough coverage of the society's work.
Research projects and their results in primatology and anthropology by Dr. Olav Roehrer-Ertl in Munich, Germany.
A weblog run by primatologists, overviewing current news, books, videos and other media.
Psychoceramics: The Comparative Anatomy of Eating
Article by Milton R Mills examining whether man is an omnivore
Putting Apes (Body and Language) Together Again
A critique of two books on the language ability of non-human primates: “Apes, Language and Human Mind” by Savage-Rumbaugh and others, and “Being there: putting mind, world and body together again” by Andy Clarke. [PDF]
Regional Primate Research Center
Conducts medical research using primates at Tulane University in Louisiana. Offers data about the facilities.
Theoretical Primatology Project
Provides information about the project and includes newsletters, research and links.
Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
Center for biomedical and behavioral research with non-human primates at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.
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