Science Biology Zoology Arthropoda Entomology Research Groups and Centers
Most research activities will either occur in academic departments or in research institutes (which may either be in universities or external). Both of these are included in this category.
Harper Adams University College: Nematology and Entomology
Provides details of current research projects, specialist facilities and publications.
Institute of Entomology
Undertakes basic and applied research including the areas where insects serve as suitable models for the solution of general biological problems.
Keele University: Centre for Applied Entomology and Parasitology
Research is mainly focused on the chemical ecology of thrips, chemical ecology of whiteflies, fish immunology, parasite-insect endocrine interactions and the transmission of malaria by mosquitoes.
National Taiwan University: Institute of Entomology
Research interests include insect genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, taxonomy, behavior, molecular pathology, molecular and developmental biology and pest management.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles: Entomology
Houses a collection of more than 5 million specimens of insects and spiders. Research on systematics, studying species and their relationships, the evolution of major groups and fossil insects in amber.
Penn State University: Entomology
Research is focused on chemical and molecular ecology, biodiversity and pest management and insect-host interactions.
University of Kentucky: Entomology
Research areas include insect molecular biology, physiology, and genetics, insect behavior, ecology and evolution, pest management and applied ecology.
University of Sheffield: Evolutionary and Ecological Entomology
Researching the evolutionary ecology of reproduction, immunology and life histories of insects.
Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit
Conducts systematics research on medically important arthropods and maintains the US mosquito collection. Located at the Smithsonian Institution in Suitland, Maryland, USA.
Zhejiang University: Institute of Insect Sciences
Research areas include insect systematics, chemical and molecular ecology, insect physiology and molecular biology, conservation and utilization of beneficial insects, and integrated pest management.
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