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Advion BioSciences
Develops of automated, chip-based mass spectrometry technology; provides bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical industry.
ALA Scientific Instruments
Manufacturer and distributor of research equipment in the neuroscience, electrophysiology, and cell biology fields. Cellular amplifiers, pipette pullers, perfusion systems, and micro manipulators.
Distributor of a wide range of laboratory equipment based in Indonesia.
Allometrics, Inc.
Sales of lab supplies and instrumentation. NIST trace calibration and repair service for lab equipment. Includes list of products and services.
AME Bioscience
Supplier of pre-owned Applied Biosystems and used Amersham Pharmacia genetic analysers. Including ABI DNA sequencers, real time PCR thermal cyclers, DNA synthesizers, protein / peptide synthesizers and sequencers.
Applied BioPhysics, Inc.
An electrical biosensor, Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) for quantitative mammalian cell morphology, attachment, and spreading measurement in real time, e.g. for high-throughput screening.
Applied Biosystems
Manufacturer and supplier of instrument reagent systems for molecular biology research and genetic analysis. Protein and DNA sequencing and synthesis. DNA Amplification and real time PCR.
Applied Photophysics
Manufacturer of high performance stopped-flow, laser flash photolysis and circular dichroism instrumentation.
APT Instruments
Supplier of portable instruments, dataloggers, sampling pumps, and specialized sensors.
Distributes automated DNA extraction systems and associated reagents for the purification of BAC, plasmid, phage, yeast, animal tissues, cultured cells, whole blood, plant material and mouse tail. Together with sample grinders and incubator/shakers for sample prep before extraction.
AutoMate Scientific
Designs and manufactures precision liquid handling equipment for neuroscience and pharmaceutical research. Automated perfusion systems, valves, programmable controllers, amplifiers, software, and accessories for electrophysiology, imaging, pharmacology, and drug discovery.
BIOAIR Instruments
Biosafety cabinets benches, cupboards and other instruments.
BioComp Instruments
Manufactures and sells density gradient forming and fractionating instruments and blotting instruments and bottles.
Biologics, Inc.
Manufactuturers of ultrasonic homogenizers that can disintegrate most cells, bacteria, spores or tissue and can prepare an emulsion down to 1/100 of a micron.
Bioscience Tools
Research equipment, tools and turn-key systems for Biosciences: automated temperature controlled perfusion systems and bath chambers, patch clamp amplifiers and electrophysiology setups, imaging, fluorescence, microinjection and micromanipulation systems.
C S Bio Co.
Supplier of peptide synthesizers and custom peptide synthesis.
Cambridge Biosystems
Offers refurbished laboratory equipment, repairs and maintenance.
Campbell Electronics
Manufacturer and exporter of dissolution equipment.
Manufacturer and developer of microfluidics and microelectronics technologies for DNA analysis.
Columbus Instruments
Behavior, physiology and environmental instruments.
Manufactures and supplies systems and software for laboratories of pharmacology, physiology and biophysics.
Convergent Bioscience Ltd.
Manufactures and markets specialized analytical instruments and reagent kits used by biotech and biopharmaceutical companies.
Covaris, Inc.
Developer of instrumentation for high-throughput biomolecular applications such as extraction, reaction control, and homogenization for non-contact solutions in genomics, proteomics, molecular biology, and microarray technologies.
Delta-T Devices
Instruments for measurement, specializing in environmental sciences. Dataloggers, microclimate and soil sensors, porometers, and leaf area meters.
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical testing equipment and peristaltic pumps. Based in Mumbai, India.
ELITech Group
Develops, manufactures, and markets instrumentation and other products for medicine, science, and industry. Includes biomedical, environmental, and information product divisions.
Suppliers of homogenizers, shakers, vortexers, heaters and stirrers.
Flownamics Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Sterile cell-free sampling probes. Sampling systems for withdrawing sample from up to 8 different vessels.
Fotodyne, Inc.
Supplier of photodocumentation systems for life science research.
Hanil R&D
Manufacturer of fermentors, vacuum freeze dryers and speed vacuum concentrators.
Harta Instruments
Designers and manufacturers of high-performance microplate luminometers and reference plates.
Harvard Apparatus Inc.
Specialized products for bioscience. Supplier of syringe pumps, isololated organ systems, cell chambers, sample infusion, injection, ventilation and electrophysiology systems.
World-wide supplier of particle size, surface area, microstructure and chemisorption analyzers.
Industrial Tomography Systems
ITS provides electrical tomography instrumentation, software, sensors and technical support. Process tomography is based on taking a number of measurements of a process from a sensor and combining these to provide information on the distribution of material within the volume of the sensor.
Integrated Service Solutions, Inc
Providing NIST traceable, instrument & test equipment calibration, A2LA ISO/IEC17025 accredited pipette services, on-site or in our Metrology Laboratory.
Suppliers of laboratory instruments for life sciences, Biotechnology, molecular diagnostics and environmental sciences in India.
Jellett Rapid Testing Ltd.
Develops and manufactures diagnostic test kits to test for marine biotoxins.
Supplies instruments for in vitro fertilization procedures. Lists contact addresses. Based in Denmark.
Labtech International
Distributors of spectrophotometers, small volume fluorometers, microplate technology, cell biology, disposable hemocytometers, laminar airflow, and fluoresence and luminescene readers and consumables.
LI-COR Biosciences
Electronic instrumentation for environmental, agricultural and ecological research. Products include photosynthesis and fluorescence measurement systems, gas analyzers, spectroradiometers and weather stations.
Morgan Scientific
Instrumentation for medical and scientific research including computerised pulmonary analysis systems.
Nessler Exports (India)
Manufacturer of anatomical models, laboratory instruments and equipment located in Ambala Cantt, India. Provides product support and contact information.
NPI Electronic Instruments
Instruments for the life sciences and methods for basic research in physiology. Including amplifiers, stimulators and intracellular recording systems.
Fluorescence instrumentation for plant sciences, oceanography, hydrology, and molecular biology.
Suppliers of disposable polypropylene trays for liquid handling in immuno assays and in Western Blotting. Drying Frame and cellophane for permanent storage of SDS-PAGE gels (polyacrylamide gels).
Pickering Laboratories
Pickering Laboratories provides equipment, reagents and tested methods for the analysis of amino acids, pesticides and herbicides (carbamates), mycotoxins (Aflatoxins, Fumonisin, Deoxynivalenol) and other solutions for the environmental, pharmaceutical and biochemical laboratory markets.
Manufacturer of automated lab scale formulation development equipment for high shear granulation, vacuum and microwave drying.
PSS Bio Instruments
Supplies a fully integrated and automated system for sene analysis from sample extraction/purification, PCR clean-up, amplification and hybridization to detection/analysis with processes monitoring and magnetic beads based DNA purification systems.
Pyrosequencing AB
Manufacturer and supplier of instruments and reagents for SNP and mutation analysis, post PCR sample preparation and high throughput screening.
Qubit Systems
Manufacturer of integrated laboratory package for teaching and research in biological gas exchange.
Regent Instruments Inc.
Image analysis systems for plant science research and production.
Suppliers of surface plasmon resonance instruments.
Roch Mechatronics
Indian manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment including autoclaves, ovens, incubators, shakers, freezers, spectrometers, clean room equipment and humidity chambers.
Sable Systems International
Research grade instruments for gas analysis, temperature and humidity measurement. Also, offers high resolution data acquisition and analysis. Lists products and prices.
Skye Instruments
Meteorological and biological instrumentation including dataloggers and microclimate sensors.
Spectrum Technologies
Technology for measuring and monitoring environmental conditions such as wind, rain, pH, nutrients, and temperature.
Stoelting Company
Manufacturer and distributor of research instrumentation including physiology and biofeedback for scientific research plus psychological and educational tests.
Provides genetic discovery and analysis technology for automated nucleic acid separation and quantification.
Provides refirbished laboratory instrumentation.
Research instrumentation for life sciences and laboratories.
Turner BioSystems
Designs and manufactures fluorometers and luminometers for life sciences applications such as nucleic acid quantitation, protein quantitation, genetic reporter assays and chemiluminescent assays.
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