Bioelectromagnetics Society
Focus on research into biological, neurophysiological, and psychological effects of electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields. Research journal with abstracts, society newsletter, membership and conference information.
Current Opinion in Neurobiology
Provides selections of the most interesting papers, annotated by experts, from the great wealth of original publications.
Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology
An official journal of the International Society of Neuroendocrinology. Reviews the exciting, rapidly moving, and in some instance, controversial aspects of the broad field of brain-endocrine interactions.
Frontiers in Neuroscience
Swiss-based, open-access journal in Neuroscience, part of a broader journal series, driven and directed by scientists for scientists.
Journal of Consciousness Studies
A peer-reviewed journal which examines issues in plain English.
Journal of Neurophysiology
Full online access (with a valid subscription) to the American Physiological Society's Journal of Neurophysiology. Archive goes back to January 1997.
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
Covers all areas of molecular and cellular neuroscience, from biophysics to development to regeneration.
Nature Neuroscience
Nature Neuroscience welcomes contributions in molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience, as well as psychophysics, computational modeling and diseases of the nervous system.
Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Reviews focused on advances in molecular, developmental and cognitive neuroscience.
Neurobiology of Disease
Major international journal at the interface between basic and clinical neuroscience.
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Publishes articles concerned with neural and behavioral plasticity, including learning and memory and related aspects of neural adaptation, at all levels of analysis from molecular biology through behavior.
NeuroImage - A Journal of Brain Function
Provides a vehicle for communication of the most important and best papers, using imaging and mapping strategies to study the brain's structure, function and the relationship between the two, from the whole brain to the tissue level.
PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
Refereed E-journal dedicated to exploring the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain from the perspectives of cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, physics, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.
Visual Neuroscience
Publishes reports of experimental and theoretical research in basic visual neuroscience.
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