Science Biology Mycology Associations
This category is for organizations which do not themselves conduct scientific research but aim to spread information about such research. They organize meetings, publish journals and provide research grants for scientists in the field.

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Australasian Mycological Society
Promotes mycology and facilitates the study and conservation of Australasian fungi through journal publications and conferences. Contains society information and relevant links.
Bay Area Mycological Society
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, group to educate the public about edible and poisonous wild mushrooms.
British Mycological Society
Society information, its activities, publications, affiliated group, and related links.
Cascade Mycological Society
Created by a collective effort of people who share a common interest in fungi. Contains newsletter, list of meetings and forays, research projects, discussion board, recipes, and related links.
Czech Scientific Society for Mycology
Scientific journals, publications, library, and mycological directory.
Danish Mycological Society
Information on the society, its activities and publications including on-line indexes of articles and illustrations, databases, projects and related links.
European Confederation of Medical Mycology
List of national societies, council and board, projects, meetings and photo gallery.
Illinois Mycological Association
Aims to promote mycology among members and the public. Organizes forays, meetings and social events.
Indian Mycological Society
Membership information, journal publications, opportunities for mycologists, seminars and conferences presented by the Society and a photo gallery.
International Mycological Association
Includes general and membership information, meetings list, and congress information.
International Mycological Association
Represents mycologists worldwide. Announcements, meetings, and reports.
International Mycorrhiza Society
Includes membership details, meetings, news, job opportunities, and publications.
Mycological Society of America
Membership and society information, meetings, newsletter (1995 to present), employment list, and related links.
New Jersey Mycological Association
Non-profit organization aiming to provide a means for sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and common interests in fungi.
North American Mycological Association
List of events and clubs, teaching material (grades 2 to 12), publications, photo gallery, and related links.

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