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This category is for specific research centers focused on viruses. The research work must look at a range of virus properties such as its pathology, diagnosis, and immunization.

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The Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Latest laboratory technologies and diagnostics focused on viruses and the diseases they cause. Maintained by the University of Iowa.
The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease
Research center regarding epstein-barr virus and the disease it causes.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Research center for influenza vaccination, control, treatment, and lab diagnosis.
Department of Plant Virology - IPMB - Czech Republic
Molecular-based detection methods (PCR, RT-PCR, hybridization, microhybridization) of plant viruses and phytoplasmas.
Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research
Projects include the design of effective vaccines to combat major global diseases.
Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research
To conduct research into viral infections of public health importance, especially HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis A, D, C and E. To understand the replication and spread of viruses To develop improved methods for the diagnosis, treatment and control of the major viral infections of the Western Pacific region.
Medical Microbiology University of Cape Town
This site is recognised for Linda Stannard's primer on virus architecture and her electron micrographs of various virus particles. Included, are copies of undergraduate dical lectures on viral diseases. There is also access to the Groote Schuur Hospital antibiotic prescribing recommendations and to lecture notes on mycobacterial diseases.
Mullins Molecular Retrovirology Lab
Viral research center focusing on retrovirus genes and gene products in HIV and the related viruses FIV and SIV. Includes methodology protocols and publication material.
University of Wisconsin: Institute for Molecular Virology
The IMV conducts research and training in the area of virology, primarily at the molecular level, and serves as the coordinating focus on the UW-Madison campus for research and training in virology.
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