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Products and Services includes commercial companies providing all of the specialized apparatus, equipment, services and other things that scientific researchers, teachers, and engineers working in the field of microbiology need in the course of their work.

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3M Microbiology
Offers equipment for testing, educational programs, and links to academic and trade resources.
Accugen Laboratories,Inc
Microbiological testing laboratory for complete microbiological analysis of cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, personal care, household products and variety of other industries with reasonable rates and impeccable services.
Advanced Analytical
Full service instrument manufacturer of Micro PRO, an automated, laser based optical system designed for rapid microbial detection, and other advanced analytical systems for oligo, pKa values and capillary electrophoresis.
Advanced Imaging Devices: BacSpot
Offers a robotic colony counter suitable for high throughput analysing of agar plates.
Alexeter Technologies for BioDefense
Markets equipment for the collection, detection and identification of biological threat agents in the environment.
Alken-Murray Corporation
Having septic tank problems or trouble with ammonia, sludge buildup and other pollution or disease in your aquaculture pond or lake, hydrogen sulfide or other odors in swine or chicken manure or wastewater treatment? Alken-Murray uses bioremediation with selected safe, probiotic and natural bacteria and fungi.
Manufacturer of diagnostic reagent systems for parasitology (fixatives, stains, concentration systems, QC slides) and mycobacteriology (digestion, decontamination and buffering systems, stains, QC slides).
Bacterius Ltd.
Distributors of microbiological testing supplies from many of the world’s leading manufacturers of antigens, antiserum, dehydrated culture media, prepared media and complete diagnostic testing kits.
Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms
BCCM attempts to standardize plasmids, bacteria, biomedical and agrobusiness fungi and yeasts by maintaining catalogs of collections at the University of Gent, Belgium.
Provides a range of safety equipment including biological safety cabinets, clean bench and safety protection products.
Houston, Texas based company providing environmental mold testing, including Stachybotrys sp. and other pathogenic molds and yeasts, and bacterial testing of drinking water.
Biolog, Inc.
Offers products for microbiology and cell biology based on comprehensive analysis of cell phenotypes, including microbial ID characterization and phenotype microarrays, and energetics profiling of mammalian cells.
BioLogics, Inc
Profiles manufacturer of the OMNICON Image Analysis System with specific applications for "Zones of Inhibition - Antibiotic Potency Testing" and "Tumor Colony Analysis - Soft Agar Assays".
Distributor of bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, allergy, autoimmune, phytodiagnostics, veterinary, and blood grouping products.
Supplies diagnostics for human and veterinary medicine.
Bioscience International
Offers air samplers for monitoring local environment. Includes models, applications, and contacts in Rockville Maryland.
Biotecnica Internacional
Manufacturer of culture media ingredients, such as peptone digests, extracts, infusions and other raw materials of animal and plant protein origin.
BIS - Biological Instrumentation Services Ltd
UK Distributor for Titertek equipment and spares including high throughput plate readers, washers and multipdrops with the Titertek Titan stacker. BIS can also service and repair instrumentation
Brinkmann Instruments, Inc.
Provides products, applications, frequently asked questions, and literature for PCR, protien quantification, microinjection, and nucleic acid purification.
BTF Pty Ltd.
A biotechnology company based in Sydney Australia, supplying customers worldwide with precision solutions for Microbiology testing.
Distributor of microbiology research reagents and kits including StarFISH chromosome paints, Epicentre, Mobio and Glen Research.
Copan Diagnostics
Manufacturer of culture swabs for clinical microbiology.
Cosmobio Co.,Ltd
Cosmo Bio provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan and around the world.
Coy Laboratory Products
Microbiology equipment designer, manufacturer and distributor, for glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, dry boxes, humidity, oxygen, and temperature control glove boxes/chambers, incubators, and PCR/UV light work stations.
Difco Microbiology Products
Provides all DIFCO microbiology products. BBL EM Science and PML microbiology products also offered.
Don Whitley Scientific Limited
Designer and manufacturer of anaerobic and microaerobic workstations, semi-automated and automated equipment and provider of innovative solutions for microbiology laboratories.
Manufacturers of anaerobic incubators and associated equipment for microbiology and pathology laboratories.
EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Indoor air quality testing laboratory . Testing biological materials and contaminants in air, surface, water and soil samples. Our specialty includes identification and analysis of mold, fungi, bacteria, bioaerosols, asbestos, mold, silica, formaldehyde and allergens.
EnviroLogix, Inc.
Rapid immunodiagnostics for GMOs, food and feed safety, plant pathogens, mold toxins and water toxins. Research laboratory test kits for mouse monoclonal isotyping.
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory
Offers indoor testing for contaminants in air and surface samples. Specialization includes the identification and analysis of mold, fungi, bacteria, other bioaerosols and allergens at their laboratory in San Bruno, CA.
Environmental Monitoring Program
Environmental Monitoring program is envisioned for sterile and non-sterile health care (Microbioogy Laboratories), and food industries and any other sterile environment based industries.
Exakt-Pak Medical Packaging
Exakt-Pak produces packaging that protects tissue samples during transportation.
Filtaflex Limited
HGMFs, hydrophobic grid membrane filters, replicators, HGMF Interpreters, E. coli O157:H7, Spreadfilters, FiltaTips, pipet tip prefilters, separation concentration of microorganisms
Offers solutions for microbial screening and automated pathogen detection. Directory of subsidiary companies, journal, news, and details of exhibitions.
Genome Diagnostics
Indian company manufacturing real time PCR kits.
Global Food Technologies
Biotech research and development company developing methods for the potential reduction and elimination of pathogen related illness in Seafood.
Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Network (GIDEON)
Provides information, including disease, therapy and vaccine lists, support and demo of software for the fields of infectious diseases and microbiology.
Manufactures a range of products from seaweed, including food and bacteriological agar, several varieties of agaroses and a complete line of carrageenans and peptones.
Horizon Scientific Press
Specialist publishers currently publishing over twenty new titles each year comprising review volumes, practical manuals and reference texts for research scientists, postgraduates and bioscience professionals.
Manufacturers of a test for Legionella in water, designed for on site detection of Legionella pneumophila in cooling towers, hot and cold water systems and whirlpool spas.
ID Bio
Offers its expertise in two complementary fields: health and beauty. Provides raw materials for reagents manufacturing.
IFM Quality Services Pty Ltd.
Describes proficiency testing, quality assurance services, reference materials and electrical testing programs for the industry.
Immunology Consultants Laboratory
Wholesale supplier of diagnostic reagents for over 25 years. Online catalog of purified antibodies, conjugates and antigen.
Product development company with expertise in microbial biofilms. Provides details of products, services and research.
Processing by ionizing radiation to sterilise, preserve, decontaminate, and crosslink.
IPM Scientific
Supplier of biology products for schools, instructors, students and science fair projects.
Laboratory equipment and reagents supplier in Malaysia specialising in pre-poured culture media.
Iul, S.A.
Designs and manufactures instruments for safe and reliable microbiological control for industry. Products include instruments for sample preparation, dilution spreading, colony counters and stainers.
Kojair (UK) Ltd
Distributor of microbiological biohazard safety cabinets and simple tissue culture cabinets.
Lab Kinetics Ltd
High stability products to the LAL (limulus Amebosyte Lysate) industry (detecting endotoxin concentrations in drug products) and optical laboratories for measuring fA signals, plus high stability power supplies.
Lab M Limited
Specialize in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of products and services for microbiological analysis and quality assurance programs worldwide.
Legionella Control
Legionella when does it occur? What are the dangers? What solutions are available?
Mascia Brunelli
Production and distribution of in vitro diagnostics and equipment for microbiology, haematology, clinical chemistry, immunology and medical devices.
MD Derma: CSB Stain for Fungus
Developer of a CSB stain for the rapid diagnosis of fungal infections of the skin.
Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc.
Analytical testing lab services include bacterial identification and methods development.
Microbial Discovery Group (MDG)
Company specialising in cultivating bacteria offers novel strain isolation, new product innovation, culture scale up, large scale manufacturing, technical and sales support.
Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of M-Vac, a hand-held, non-destructive, wet-vacuum surface sampling device, which enables the acquiring of microbial samples from any type of surface for laboratory analysis.
Microbiology International
Distributor of autoclaves, peristaltic pumps, air samplers , anaerobic chambers, plate pourers, media preparators and stomachers as well as other automation equipment used in microbiological laboratories.
Independent microbiology laboratory specialising in fungal, microbial and bacterial identification and analysis, DNA sequencing services and water proficiency testing.
Micrology Laboratories, LLC
Micrology Laboratories' Coliscan, Easygel, and other supplies and kits, combined with their commitment to producing educational materials and proven success in the community, make them a premier supplier in the microbiology industry.
Indian company providing a range of microbiological products including dehydrated culture media, laboratory aids, antimicrobial susceptibility disc systems, stains, reagents and culture media.
MicroTest Laboratories, Inc.
Contract laboratory offering a variety of chemical and microbiological analytical services and related technical consulting. Describes capabilities.
MIDI, Inc.
Develops microbial identification products for research and diagnostic purposes.
Molecular Machines & Industries
Offers laser microdissection and micro manipulation systems for ultra precise preparation of biological samples from tissue, cell cultures or cell suspensions.
National Scientific Supply
Creating the industry standard for research-grade biotechnology and laboratory products. We manufacture the highest quality, best valuable consumables anywhere. Because Quality Matters.
Neogen Corporation
Neogen's test kits include those for: foodborne bacteria including E. coli O157:H7; naturally-occurring toxins; sulfites and histamine; food allergens; pesticide and drug residues; and for general sanitation.
Park Bioservices, LLC
Designs and manufactures microenvironments and biocontainment devices to keep sterile things clean or to keep infectious items contained. Also produce products to handle mail contaminated with biological agents like anthrax.
Parrett Technical Developments
Manufacturers of air samplers (for airborne microorganisms), easifill peristaltic dispenser pumps, Micro-T-Log miniature temperature datalogger and dust sampling pumps.
Perceptive Instruments Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of image analysis and data processing solutions for the comet assay, ames test, automatic colony counting and many other areas of scientific research and industry.
Develops, manufactures and markets yield-building inoculants for all major crops.
Produce and sell the Microorganisms to protect the earth from contamination by chemicals.
ProCare Water Treatment Inc.
Copper Silver water ionisation (ionization) system against Legionella, E. coli, algae and other contaminants found in hot water systems and cooling towers, targeting hospitals and hotels to control Legionnaires' disease.
Q Microbiology Laboratories
UKAS accredited laboratory, specialising in helping companies to produce products safe from microbiological and chemical contamination. Focusing on food, pharmaceutical, and household products.
Research Instruments
Specialists in micromanipulation. Services also include micropipette preparation, and the provision of training and research.
European firm specializing in agars for microbiology, molecular biology and plant tissue culture.
SafePath Laboratories, LLC
Describes immunoassays for detection of allergens in food, and various microbial and parasitic contamination in food and water.
Safety Cabinets Solutions
Offers microbiological safety cabinets, recirculating, ductless and ducted fume cupboards, and laminar flow cabinets.
Schuett-biotec, GmbH
A manufacturer of apparatus for microbiology, molecular biology and cell culture including safety gas burners, computer colony counters, eletrophoresis units, roller bottle incubators and RULLA test devices.
Scigenics Biotech
Manufacturers, shakers, incubators, Plant growth chambers,agitators, laboratory, industrial equipment, Life Science, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biological science.
Shubhda Research Institute
Independent contract laboratory providing microbiological testing and analysis services. SRI also conducts research in applied microbial biotechnology.
Special Pathogens Laboratory
Offers microbiological testing services and disease prevention consultations. Specialists in the detection, control and remediation of waterborne pathogens such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, Mycobacteria and fungi.
Surrey Diagnostics Limited
Microbiological screening laboratory for laboratory animals. Serology, bacteriology, parasitology, pathology and molecular biology techniques.
Manufacturer and supplier of electric microbiological analyzers, the RNAssay salmonella detection kit and computer controlled freezers for cryobiology.
Titan Biotech Ltd.
Offers of biological peptones, extracts and dehydrated culture media. Dealer contact list and details of manufacturer. India.
Ultraclear/ABI Inc.
Manufacturer of biological products for ponds, waste water and industrial processing water.
Develops and markets products and services, based on advanced gene probe technologies, for the detection and analysis of microorganisms.
Provider of agricultural biotechnology and bioseparations, delivers improved animal reproductivity, increased agricultural productivity, and safeguarded food quality with patented bioseparations and detection products worldwide.
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