This section includes but is not limited to sites that make, manufacture, distribute or sell equipment and supplies related to biological applications of microscopy.

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Atto Bioscience
Specializes in technologies for live cell-based assays and affiliated technologies including confocal high-throughput imaging.
Bio Slides Laboratory
Company in India that makes and markets prepared biological slides for schools, colleges and universities.
BioIndustrial Products
Sells products used in biology and science.
Bioptechs, Inc.
Develops, manufactures, and markets live-cell microscopy environmental control systems.
BioRAS - Rapid Analysis Systems for Biology and Life Sciences
Digital video based analysis of moving objects for 2D/3D motion analysis (LabTrack), and automatic image analysis software for cell, bacteria of particle counting (LabMicrobe, LabCellCount).
Brunel Microscopes Ltd
UK supplier of microscopes and accessories. Products include prepared slides, books and investigation kits.
Bunton Instrument Co.
New and used microscopes, analog and digital cameras, 2D and 3D video microscopy products, and a wide range of other accessories. Basic and advanced courses in biological microscopy and microscope service and repair at Maryland HQ.
Carl Zeiss: Microscopy and Imaging
Scientific digital cameras for research and routine microscopy. Various types for high speed and high resolution imaging available. Also supply microscopes and software.
Cell Finder Microscope Slides
Provides permanently coded CF-microscope slides which provide X-Y coordinates for location purposes. Located in Holland.
Conix Research
Makes motorized stages, remote focus accessories (RFA), Computerized Z-motor, Epi Filter Changers, Filters.
Gilder Grids
Manufacture an extensive range of high quality specimen support grids for use in transmission electron microscopy. All types are held in stock for same or next day despatch.
Grace Bio-Labs, Inc.
Innovative instruments, slides, and labware for the molecular study of cells in situ, including immunochemistry, cell culture, cell blotting, high throughput cytochemistry, cell hybridization (e.g. fish), cytogenetics, and imaging applications.
Intracellular Imaging Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets digital fluorescence imaging, microphotometry and epifluorescence microscopy products for the global research community.
Lab Essentials
Online store for high-quality microscopes, lab products, and home health tests.
MatTek Corp.
Offers plastic petri dishes with glass bottoms used for special high resolution imaging applications.
Provides specialized microscope slides used in fecal analysis.
MicroImage Video Systems
Manufactures video cameras and equipment used in the scientific and medical fields.
Narang Microscopes
Advanced and student Microscopes for medical and university research or applications.
PeCon GmbH
Manufacturers of products for live cell imaging, providing equipment that gives cells the environmental conditions they need for optimal growth and analysis of cell biological processes during microscopic observation.
Prior Scientific, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of microscopes, inspection systems and accessories.
SPI Supplies
Manufacturers of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies and accessories for microscopy and microanalysis laboratories worldwide.
TAAB Laboratories Ltd
Supplier of a wide variety of materials and equipment for electron and light microscopy applications.
Ted Pella, Inc.
Manufacturer and provider of electron, light and atomic force microscopy supplies and laboratory equipment.
On-line supplier of pure silicon, silicon nitride, and silicon oxide grids for electron microscopy and related materials imaging and analysis applications.
VisiTech International
Supplies imaging solutions for applications in confocal and dynamic fluorescence microscopy.
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