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British Journal of Infection Control
A peer-reviewed for all workers in infection prevention and control. The aim of the journal is to advance the evidence base in infection prevention and control, and to provide a publishing platform for all health professionals interested in this field of practice. Includes an archive and currant issues.
Clinical & Experimental Immunology
International journal publishing original research on all aspects of clinical immunology and translational immunology.
Comparative Immunology, Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
Aims to help interdisciplinary cooperation between physicians and veterinarians, and therefore covers fields of common interest. Tables of contents and abstracts available to all. Online access to full text requires subscription.
Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Helps clinicians and researchers keep up to date in a systematic way. Includes literature reviews, annotated references and a comprehensive bibliography. New issues every two months.
Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
Helps clinicians and researchers keep up to date in a systematic way. Includes literature reviews, bulleted and annotated references. New issues every two months.
E-Journals by Subject: Allergy and Immunology
A collection of links to clinical and basic immunology research journals. Compiled by the Frederick L. Ehrman Library of the New York University School of Medicine.
European Journal of Immunology
International journal focusing on the various aspects of immunological research. Reports the latest breakthroughs. Associated with the European Federation of Immunological Societies.
Genetic Vaccines and Therapy
Peer-reviewed, open access online articles on clinical and basic research in pathogen genes for vaccines and targets for therapy, novel transfer vectors and methods of delivery in treating human disease.
HIV Clinical Trials
Bimonthly, international, peer-reviewed, independent journal of clinical research in HIV or AIDS therapeutics. Access to old articles for all.
Cell Press Journal providing large-scale peer-reviewed immunology research articles. Archives of abstracts and tables of contents available to all.
Short communications to scientists and clinicians active at the experimental levels of immunobiology, serology, hematology, allergy, infectious diseases, transplantations, and nonspecific resistance.
The official Journal of the British Society for Immunology.
Immunology & Allergy Clinics of North America
Focused on latest trends in patient management and newest advances.
Immunology & Cell Biology
Official journal of the Australasian Society for Immunology.
Infectious Disease Clinics of North America
Each issue focuses on a single topic in infectious diseases.
Innate Immunity
Peer reviewed scholarly journal, formerly published as the Journal of Endotoxin Research. Provides information on the Society, the aims and scope of the journal, submissions, advertising and the archives.
International Immunology
Publishes a broad range of experimental and theoretical studies in molecular and cellular immunology conducted in laboratories throughout the world. Has an archive of featured articles and original research papers.
Journal of Autoimmunity
Publishes papers about auto-immune disorders on topics such as the mechanism of self-recognition, regulation of responses, diagnostic tests, epidemiology, patho-physiology, and treatments. Journal may be ordered online.
The Journal of Experimental Medicine
Peer-reviewed journal which focuses on larger-scale articles related to basic immunolgic research. Tables of contents and full text of articles from 1996 available to all, although recent articles require a subscription. Published by the Rockefeller University Press.
Journal of Immunology
The peer-reviewed research publication of the American Association of Immunologists. Features both clinical and basic immunologic research. Archive containing tables of contents, abstracts and full articles from 1998-2002 available to all.
Journal of Immunotherapy
Official journal of the Society for Biological Therapy. Focusing on clinical studies of the immunologic response to cancer and other diseases. Table of contents, author guidelines, editorial board and subscription information.
Journal of Infection
Publishes original papers on all aspects of infection, clinical, microbiological, epidemiological and molecular. Aims to bring together the best work in this field. Tables of contents and abstracts available to all. Full text requires a subscription. From the British Infection Society.
Journal of Reproductive Immunology
Aims to provide a critical forum for the dissemination of results from high quality research in all aspects of experimental, animal and clinical reproductive immunology. Tables of contents available to all. Access to full text articles requires a subscription.
Nature Immunology
News and views on research topics, such as immune systems, immunodeficiency and inflammation. Monthly contents available to all. From Nature Publishing Group.
Nature Reviews Immunology
Coverage of immunology from fundamental mechanisms to applied aspects. In addition to review articles, it highlights recent developments and new primary papers. Selected highlights, reviews and perspectives available to all.

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