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Reagents, kits and commercial services specifically for immunological research and immunochemistry.

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AM-Pharma BV.
Biopharmaceutical company focused on the therapeutic discovery, development and commercialisation, based on the innate human immune system. Corporate and technology overview, with key profiles and contacts in Bunnik, The Netherlands.
Antibodies Australia
Suppliers of antibodies and serum products for the Australian and international biotechnological research and industrial market.
Online distributor for proteomics research products, providing internet platform to facilitate the search for antibody, ELISA, and protein products.
Arista Biologicals, Inc.
Offers antibodies, reagents, technical assistance and equipment for generating rapid membrane based assays for fertility, drugs of abuse, infectious diseases. Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Astarte Biologics
Provides human and animal cells for immune system research. Other products include Rheumera kits, antibodies, antigens, purified lipopolysaccharides, models of inflammation and protocols.
Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Diverse antibody products, including epitope Tag affinity purified polyclonals and cell-cycle monoclonals, and custom production, peptide synthesis and immunochemical testing at Montgomery, TX.
Biosensis Pty Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of antibodies, adjuvants, proteins, peptides, cell culture reagents, specialising in autophagy and immunotoxins. Includes data sheets resources, online ordering and support from Flagstaff Hill, South Australia.
Develops and manufacture immunoassays, recombinant proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies related to novel emerging biomolecules. Worldwide distribution from the Czech facility with subsidiaries in Germany, USA and China.
Cellalab Ltd
OEM manufacturer and supplier of ANCA slides for medical laboratories, based in New Zealand with a world wide target market.
Cellular Technology, Ltd
Provides ELISPOT products and services for immunology research.
Clodronate Liposomes
How to prepare or order clodronate liposomes, which cause apoptosis of macrophages. With documentation and current projects.
CoVaccine BV.
Research and development of adjuvants for mucosal, human and veterinary vaccines. Includes overview of products, technology, patents and contacts for company in Lelystad, The Netherlands.
Development of polyclonal, monoclonal antibodies, related reagents and kits (ELISA plates, latex beads, columns) for use on bioactive compounds such as peptides, nucleotides and low molecular weight chemicals using patented technologies.
FIT Biotech plc
Biotech company works with monoclonal antibodies, microarrays, HIV treatment, and allergies. Lists products and services that are offered. Preclinical development in Tartu, Estonia, with base still in Tampere, Finland.
Hema Diagnostic System
Produces a range of rapid diagnostic assays with application for major infectious disease testing in point-of-care situations in public and private healthcare environments.
HyCult Biotechnology bv.
Chemokine, complement, collectin, cytokine, endotoxin, microbial toxins and tissue/cell damage reagents for research. Also kits for mouse isotyping, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, with form for enquiries to Uden, The Netherlands.
Immune Macro Biotic Technology Ltd.
Novel approach to providing immunity for animals and humans against bacterial, viral, parasitic and auto-immune diseases, incorporating biomimicry, regeneration of biomass and aiming to produce functional foods.
Immunobiochem Consulting
Company aiming to provide innovative solutions to companies and individuals engaged in scientific research in a number of fields including immunology, biochemistry and gene therapy.
Immunological Diagnostics and Consulting
IDC specialize in production of monoclonal antibodies to glycoprotein hormone epitopes, with illustrated catalog including polyclonals, and offering development of prototype diagnostic assays in Innsbruck, Austria.
IVD Technologies
Research, development and manufacturing company specializing in immunodiagnostic test kits and reagents based on very sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay and ELISA methods. Other products include dialysis systems and immunochemical test kits.
Leinco Technologies
Provider of custom research and protein manufacturing services. Products include recombinant proteins, antibodies, ELISA kits, second step reagents, substrates, peptides and lysates.
Microbix Biosystems
Corporate profile, using technology in biotherapeutic drugs, vaccines and infectious disease diagnostics, and producing urokinase, adenovirus, retroviral and other antigens and antibodies. Includes company news and careers in Toronto, Canada.
NIS Labs
Contract research laboratory offering customized protocols that include specific assessment of the immunomodulatory properties of natural products, as well as an array of standardized tests for antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory effects.
Opsona Therapeutics
Drug development company specialising in the human immune system, focusing on the role of toll-like receptors and inflammasome signalling.
Osenses: Sensory Neuron Specialist
Research company focusing on sensory neurons. Products include those related to chemosensory receptors and transient receptor families, and include a wide range of primary antibodies and peptides.
Offers human and rodent growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, neurotrophins, other recombinant proteins and antibodies including biotinylated for ELISA development. Online purchase through three multinational centers and London, UK.
SeraCare Life Sciences
Manufactures and supplies human and animal based diagnostic products, specializing in human albumin. Includes news, programs and catalog.
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