Rachel Louise Carson (1907-1964) earned a master's degree in zoology and had a career working on publications for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She became known, however, for her writings on nature and on man's relationship to the natural environment, chiefly "Silent Spring," published in 1962, which addressed the risks of pesticides to wildlife The influence of the book was so great that Carson has been called the mother of the modern environmental movement. Other books by Carson include "Under the Sea Wind" and "The Sea Around Us."

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BBC Radio 4: Great Lives: Bea Campbell on Rachel Carson
Radio broadcast about Carson's life and work. Audio file, 26:33.
Earth Observatory: Rachel Carson
Biography and discussion of the effect of "Silent Spring." From the NASA Web site.
National Humanities Center: Rachel Carson and the Awakening of Environmental Consciousness
Biographer Linda Lear discusses Carson's role in the modern environmental movement.
New York Times: Obituary
Reports Carson's death in 1964.
Rachel Carson
Her life and legacy. Includes biography, bibliography and Web links.
Rachel Carson Council, Inc.
Environmental organization, founded in 1965 by Rachel Carson's colleagues, that seeks to carry on her legacy by informing and advising the public about the effects of chemicals on people, pets and the environment.
The Rachel Carson Homestead
Carson's birthplace in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Includes information on Carson's life and works, a history of the homestead and visitor information.
Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge
Description of the refuge located in Maine and biographical information.
Rachel Carson: Biography
Biologist who gave scientific respectability to the environmental movement.
The TIME 100: Rachel Carson
Names her as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.
Wikipedia: Rachel Carson
Encyclopedia article.
Witness for Nature by Linda Lear
Book review of this biography of Rachel Carson, from the Smithsonian Magazine.
The Washington Post: A Voice for the Wilderness
Book review of Linda Lear's 1997 biography of Carson. Click to read the first chapter of the book. (September 14, 1997)
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