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Ed Ricketts
Marine biologist who lived from 1897 - 1948 and undertook research including the effect of wave shock on marine animals and plants.
Edward Drinker Cope (1840 - 1897)
Biographical information on this American paleontologist and evolutionist.
Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802)
Grandfather of Charles Darwin and a philosopher, botanist, and naturalist in his own right.
Eugene Odum
Biologist who lived from 1913 - 2002 and pioneered the concept of the ecosystem.
Fabre, Jean-Henri Casimir ( 1823 - 1915 )
The life and work of this entomologist. E-Texts and Gallery.
Francis Galton: Pioneer of Heredity and Biometry
Information on a book by Michael Bulmer about this nineteenth century scientist's work on genetics, evolution and biological statistics.
Henry David Thoreau
Biography, appreciation and bibliography of this naturalist who believed that humans are part of nature and that we function best when we remember this.
Hofmann, Albert
Dr. Albert Hofmann, the father of LSD, psilocybin, and psilocin.
John Burroughs
Appreciation, bibliography and extracts from the works of this naturalist
Joseph Dalton Hooker
A leading nineteenth century botanist, and close friend of Charles Darwin.
Linnaeus, Carl
Biographical information on the "Father of Taxonomy" whose system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms is still in use today.
Robert Hooke
Site devoted to the life and work of Robert Hooke, one of the leading scientists of 17th century England, and first Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society.
Ruth Patrick
Biographical details of one of the pioneers of ecology and the study of ecosystems.
Sistotrema confluens
Tom Volk provides photographs and information on this strange tooth fungus in honor of the tercentenary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus.
A Victorian Renaissance Man: John Obadiah Westwood
Exhibits materials about the life and work of a prolific nineteenth-century entomologist, archaeologist, and biological illustrator.
Weigl, Rudolf Stefan
Professor Rudolf Stefan Weigl (1883-1957) has developed the first effective vaccine against typhus.

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