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Agriculture Business Research Institute
ABRI provides recording systems for all species of commercial livestock. Software offered include Dairy Express, Saltbush and Breedplan.
ASReml Cookbook
Statistical software designed for fitting mixed models for large datasets. Contains commented code for univariate and multivariate analysis including longitudinal and spatial analysis.
Big Bench Software
Commercial software for the management of transgenic mouse colonies. Windows and Mac OS X. Demo version available.
Explore possible selection outcomes when goals (desired gains) are set for traits. This free WIN program is also contained in GENUP.
Graphically represents the effect of genetic drift on gene frequency of one or more populations for a single locus, two allele model in a closed population using stochastic simulation methods. The DOS program is free.
Finnish Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding
Links to population and quantitative genetic software of interest in tree improvement, but also useful in other species.
GeneFlow Inc
This Virginia, USA company provides software (GeneFlow, SynerGene, QTLlocate) and services oriented towards plant breeding. Website does not give prices or operating systems supported.
Free software to assist learning quantitative genetic concepts (animal breeding) for WIN.
Ignacy Misztal
Animal breeding oriented programs for sparse matrix multiple trait REML and BLUP. Fortran source is free for research use.
Laboratory of Plant Breeding, Wageningen
Offers free downloadable genetics and plant breeding related software.
Freeware record keeping system designed for a breeding colony of transgenic mice. Includes program description, system requirements, and installation instructions.
Locus Technology, Inc
Colony management, supports creation and tracking of research animals and for transgenic and congenic lines, knockouts and outbred strains.
Software for selective mapping and bin mapping. Windows version, documentation and references are available for download.
Pedigree Viewer
Unique display and examination tool for large pedigrees, with inbreeding and genetic merit data also. Free WIN program.
Software that models population genetics with emphasis on genetic drift, selection, and migration. Windows 95.
Set of statistical methods for discrete genetic data analysis, designed especially for microsatellite data analysis. Includes downloadable versions for Windows.
Progeny Software
Supply pedigree drawing and genetic data management software for genetic research with a built-in customizable relational database.
Quantitative Genetics Resources
List of resources with links to programs and notes on a range of subjects including animal and plant breeding, and evolutionary and human genetics.
R/qtl: A QTL Mapping Environment
Program for mapping quantitative trait loci in experimental crosses. Includes sample graphics and tutorial in pdf format.
Groeneveld's Variance Component Estimation software was developed for animal breeding problems. WIN and UNIX versions are free for research use. PEST documentation is also available here.
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