This category is for listing of research centers undertaking research in human genetics and genomics. Typically they will include institutes, university departments, government departments, foundations, and non-governmental organisations .
Center for Medical Genetics
Research focuses on the hunt for genes which influence human health disorders. Includes genetic maps, a build your own map feature, and a genetics education section .
Eccles Institute of Human Genetics - University of Utah
Features graduate program and current faculty research interests in the areas of developmental, disease, and population genetics, gene regulation, and genome science.
Fondation Jean Dausset: Human Polymorphism Study Center
Research laboratory that sets up, stores, processes and distributes DNA collections for the identification of genetic factors conferring susceptibility to complex disorders.
Genetics Institute - University of Florida
Conducts multi-disciplinary research studies related to improve the health and well-being of citizenry. Features research facilities, seminars, and related resources.
Genome Sequencing Centre
Research department at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Jena, Germany. Its purpose is to further the knowledge of genomes, particularly the human genome, through large scale sequencing and genetic analysis .
Heflin Center for Human Genetics
Support genetic and genomic research at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Includes news, activities, facilities, and personnel.
Human Genetics Laboratory - Jawaharial Nehru Centre
Focuses on exploring possible associations between genes and commonly occurring neurological and sensorineural disorders. Includes research, people, and publications.
Institute for Systems Biology
Research institute dedicated to the integration of technology, computation, biology and medicine (Seattle, WA, USA).
Iverson Genetic Diagnostics Inc.
Biotech company trying to develop genetic tests which become the model for comprehensive disease detection and informed treatment.
Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit
Undertakes research to obtain a molecular and cellular understanding of genetic factors implicated in human disease and normal and abnormal development.
Proteogenomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine
Biomedical research institute focused on the development of treatments for human diseases, including cancer. Aim is to design new reagents which will specifically target diseased organs while sparing normal tissues and cells.
Washington University - SNP Research Facility
Offer high-throughput SNP genotyping, DNA sequencing , and informatics services. Includes Data, publications, research methods, laboratory information, and educational resources.
Washington University Department of Genetics
Research interests include basic molecular and developmental genetics of model eukaryotic systems , and mapping and identification of genes responsible for human hereditary .
The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
UK centre for the study of the genetics of multifactorial diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and obesity.
Wisconsin Twin Research - Waisman Center, UW-Madison
Investigates genetic and environmental features of emotional development from infancy to adolescence, focusing on development, behavior and autism.
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