A listing of links to professional and scientific associations, societies, and institutions related to human genetics.

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American College of Medical Genetics - ACMG
Provides education, resources and a voice for the medical genetics profession. Includes history, activities, and related links.
American Society of Human Genetics
ASHG is the primary professional membership organization for human geneticists in North America. Features publications, awards, legislation, educational information and membership directory.
European Society of Human Genetics - ESHG
Promotes research in basic and applied human and medical genetics. Includes information on structure, courses, events, and membership.
The Galton Institute
The Institute aims to promote the public understanding of human heredity and to facilitate informed debate about the ethical issues raised by advances in reproductive technology. Provides information on joining, news, events and publications.
The Genetics Society
Primary purpose is the study of the mechanisms of inheritance. Features membership, publications, education and careers, meetings, and lectures.
Human Genetics Society of Australasia - HGSA
Promote standards, research, and education. Includes constitution and policies, special interest groups, listing of certified DNA laboratories, and links to other societies.
Human Genome Organisation - HUGO
An international organization of scientists promoting international collaboration within the Human Genome Project. Includes membership details, publications and reports, and meetings.
Institute for Behavioral Genetics - IBG
Conduct and facilitate research on the genetic and environmental bases of individual differences in behavior. Includes information on the faculty, training, news, and research.
International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society
Scholarly organization for academics in the field of neurobehavioural genetics. Details of past and forthcoming meetings, membership application forms, news, and available job positions.
International Federation of Human Genetics Societies - IFHGS
Provides a forum for organized groups including research, clinical practice, and professional and lay education. Includes information on administration, members, meetings, and related links.
International Genetic Epidemiology Society - IGES
Develop methodology and applications for the study health and disease in human populations. Offers information on membership, meetings, open positions, and related links.
Irish Society of Human Genetics - ISHG
Promotes research and education and provides a forum for discussion. Includes society constitution, annual meeting, events, and related links.
National Human Genome Research Institute
Supports genetic and genomic research, investigation into the ethical, legal and social implications surrounding genetics research, and educational outreach activities. Includes educational resources, careers, and training.
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