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Human Genome Project Information
Description of the basic strategy and methodology for mapping and sequencing the human genome. Maintained by the US Department of Energy.
Special report about 50 years of scientific work on DNA and the human genome project.
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Learn about the structure of DNA, how it replicates, protein synthesis and its history.
Genome Machine
Graphical user interface to show what genes have been mapped to a particular chromosome location. Maintained by the University of Washington.
The Greatest Biological Development in Science History
Article about the human genome and its discovery. Includes diagram of the biological Rosetta Stone and a table of human genome statistics.
How Designer Children Will Work
Illustrated narrative about the idea of designing babies . Includes mapping the human genome and genetic prescreening
Human Chromosome Launchpad
Information about each human chromosome. Features links to gene maps, sequences, genetic disorders, identified genes, laboratories, and research.
Human Genetics Programme
World Health Organization program which develops genetic approaches to the control of the most common hereditary diseases and those with a genetic predisposition.
The Human Genome
The Wellcome Trust provides information on the human genome, and the impact of human genes on health, disease and society.
Human Genome Project
Information about the Project, its progress, history, and goals; issues associated with genome research; frequently asked questions, the science behind the project; and Project sponsors.
Encyclopedia of Homo sapiens genes and metabolism.
A companion piece to the PBS series. Features the latest biomedical and genetical treatments and research. Contains original articles and animations.
International Communication Forum in Human Molecular Genetics
Features a mailing list, table of contents of leading journals, listings of meetings and seminars and a classified ads section .
Molecular Genetic Basis of ABO Blood Group System
Fumiichiro Yamamoto, Ph.D., aims to disseminate knowledge on the molecular genetic basis of the ABO blood grouping system. Also provides details of Dr Yamamoto's publications.
National Center for Genome Resources
Develop bioinformatics and computational biology tools to support genetic analysis and discovery. Features scientific programs, software, and career opportunities.
SNP Genetics Wiki
A wiki investigating the genetics of human diseases.
Windows of Hope
A medical information resource for disorders within the Amish population that is written in plain language. Contains an extensive database of genetic, diagnostic and clinical information for the use of clinicians, academic researchers, medical students and patients.
BBC: Human Genome Project
Transcript of a discussion with David Baltimore, John Sulston and David Bentley about the project. (December 02, 2001)

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