This category is for the listing of genetic educational links. Typically it will include schools, graduate programs and resources offering educational material for those interested in the subject.

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DNA From the Beginning
Animated, online textbook which covers the basics of genetic inheritance through methods of DNA analysis, and geared towards those without a scientific background. - from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
The Basic Principles of Genetics
An introduction to Mendelian genetics from Palomar College. Includes tutorials, links, and a glossary.
Clinical Genetics
Contains research, and educational resources for genetic counselors, clinical and medical geneticists, with links to professional societies, genetic support groups, clinical resources, genome centers, and computer resources.
Resources and educational information including descriptions of many of the things for which DNA can be used . Includes a guide to DNA based computers and learning kits .
Fugue No. 9: E Major
Interactive Director movie comparing a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach to the structure of DNA.
Genetics and Developmental Biology
Research and graduate education, seminars, publications and open positions for training and employment. University of Connecticut .
Genetics Education Center
Resources for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project. The site is maintained by Medical Genetics, University of Kansas Medical Center.
The GenScope Project
As a complement to text-based instruction students and teachers can manipulate the processes of inheritance on six different, but related, levels: DNA, chromosome, cell, organism, pedigree, and population.
Mendelian Genetics
Problem sets and tutorials from the University of Arizona.
My First Book About DNA
DNA picture book authored and illustrated by a forensic scientist. Includes an author biography, book reviews, sample pages, and ordering information.
The New Genetics
The National Institute of General Medical Sciences provides an introductory course on genetics. Includes a downloadable pdf version.
Penn State University
General information including program of study, handbook and admission information concerning this intercollege graduate degree program in genetics .
Principles of Genetics
A self-paced, self-learning course in Genetics provided by Dr Jamie Love.
Send a DNA-o-gram
Send a message in the language of life.
Free genetic cross software which aims to simulate real genetics experiments to teach students about genetic experimental design.
Waksman Student Scholars Program
Genetics and molecular biology research program at East Brunswick High School, New Jersey, affiliated with Rutgers University. Features an overview, QuickTime movies, and related resources.
Your Genome
Discover more about DNA, genes and genomes, and the implications for our health and society.

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