The grass family, alternative name Gramineae.

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American Bamboo Society
Descriptions of every species of bamboo sold in the United States, general information about bamboo, and links to bamboo societies around the world.
Bamboo Identification
Tools for bamboo recognition, identification, and naming. Information on structure, classification, books, publications.
Catalogue of New World Grasses (Poaceae)
Project to database and link all nomenclature, types, synonymy, current taxonomy, and distribution for grasses occurring from Alaska and Greenland to Tierra del Fuego.
Gramineae in the Families of Flowering Plants
Contains list of genera (without links) and some unique illustrations.
Grass Genera of the World
Descriptions and illustrations of over 800 grass genera by L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz. Includes synonyms, morphology, anatomy, physiology, phytochemistry, cytology, classification, pathogens, and distribution. Based on the DELTA system adopted by the International Taxonomic Databases Working Group.
GrassBase - Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
Downloadable (20 MB) morphological descriptions of some 9000 species coded in DELTA (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) format using approximately 1000 characters. Uses INTKEY software available elsewhere, a program for interactive identification and information retrieval, to generate printed descriptions of species and genera, list the occurrence of particular characters or character combinations, assist in key construction, and make identifications.
Manual of Grasses for North America
Information about and from a project creating a taxonomic account of all grasses that have been found growing without cultivation in the continental United States and Canada plus, many cultivated species grown in the region.
Poaceae in Flowering Plant Families - University of Hawaii
Photos and short descriptions of about 20 grasses important in Hawaii.
Limited taxonomic information about this tribe of grasses, which includes Achnatherum, Aciachne, Anemanthele, Austrostipa, Jarava, Macrochloa, Nassella, Nicoraella, Oryzopsis, Piptochaetium, Ptilagrostis, Stipa, and Trikeraia.
Virtual Flora: Poaceae (Grasses)
Photo gallery and descriptions (in Swedish) of Scandinavian grasses. Database (Sök i Riksmuseets samlingar) can be searched by those unfamiliar with Swedish. Grasses are given common names in English, German, and up to four Scandinavian lanuguages, the images can be useful in any language, and the Home Page (Innehållsförteckning) provides accessibility to plant lists using internationally recognizable visual symbols.
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