Basidiomycota is a phylum in the kingdom Fungi. The characteristic reproductive body is the basidium, the truncheon-like bearer of spores. The basidia are contained in an intricate supporting structure as seen in the mushroom or puffball. Most of the familiar mushrooms and toadstools are included in this phylum, along with bracket fungi, jelly fungi, smuts and rusts.

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Agaricomycotina: Jelly Fungi, Yeasts, and Mushrooms
Information from the Tree of Life Web Project on this clade of the Basidiomycota including characteristics and a discussion of their phylogenetic relationships.
Basidiomycetes of the Greater Antilles
Highlights research on the basidiomycetes of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Includes information on the range of habitats in this area and an illustrated species list.
Details from Wikipedia on the classification and typical life-cycle of members of this phylum.
Information on members of this phylum from MicrobeWiki, the student-edited microbiology resource, including their description and significance, cell structure and metabolism, and ecology.
Basidiomycota: The Club Fungi
Extensive information from the Tree of Life Web Project on this phylum including characteristics of the group and a discussion of their phylogenetic relationships.
Charismatic Megafungi: The Conservation of Waxcap Grasslands
Article on the largely unseen fungi which are an important part of ancient pastures. [PDF]
Dimorphic Basidiomycetes
Information about the systematics, ecology, and evolution of basidiomycetous fungi having a yeast stage.
A Gallery of Scanning Electron Micrographs
Paul Stamets provides a number of images of spores and basidia.
Glossary of Terms
A useful list of the technical terms used in the study of fungi.
Jelly Fungi
Information and photographs of jelly fungi from the three orders Tremellales, Auriculariales and Dacrymycetales.
Jelly Fungus
These fungi are so named because their fruiting body appears to be the consistency of jelly. They are found in the orders Tremellales, Auriculariales, and Dacrymycetales.
Key to Gilled Mushrooms and Polypores
Key to the species found in the Great Lakes area of North America. Includes a glossary of terms.
Lawn Mushrooms
Information on a number of species of fungi that may be found growing on the lawn.
Order Tremellales, Auriculariales, Uredinales and Ustilaginales
Many photographs of the rusts and smuts of the Uredinales and Ustilaginales, and a few of the jelly-like Tremellales.
Subphylum Basidiomycotina
Illustrated account of the Basidiomycetes.

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