Cross River Gorilla
Species profile listed by the IUCN as critically endangered.
Eastern Gorilla: Gorilla beringei
Factsheet from ARKive with videos and images, description, range, habitat, biology and conservation.
Descriptional fact sheet containing habitat information, social structure and behaviour of the Gorilla.
Provides short description about the Gorilla in general.
Gorilla 100
Celebrates the original discovery of the mountain gorilla -- details of events in Rwanda. (Gorilla gorilla beringei)
Gorilla beringei
Research project by Nick Hallmon on the Eastern Gorilla, including its classification, habitat, diet, adaptations to its forest home, reproduction, behavior and endangered status.
The Gorilla Foundation/
Home of Koko the talking gorilla, The Gorilla Foundation/ was established in 1976 to promote the preservation of gorillas and teaches a modified form of American Sign Language to two lowland gorillas.
Gorilla gorilla beringei (Mountain Gorilla)
Lists the range, habitat, reproduction habits and physical description.
Gorilla gorilla gorilla (Western Lowland Gorilla)
General information and classification.
Gorilla gorilla graueri (Eastern Lowland Gorilla)
Facts, photos and videos of the Eastern Lowland gorilla. Discusses appearance, food, habitat, social structure, offspring and intelligence.
Gorilla gorilla: Western Gorilla
Research project by Arika Wussow on one of our closest relatives including its classification, habitat, reproduction, adaptations, nutrition and behavior.
Gorilla Help
Information about gorilla conservation from
Gorilla Pictures and Facts
Provides photographs of gorillas and many interesting and entertaining facts.
Mountain Gorilla
Long article by Adrian Warren on the biology of Gorilla gorilla beringei, with information on the making of the IMAX film “Mountain Gorilla” in Rwanda.
Mountain Gorilla and Rainforest Direct Aid
Supporting national parks and conservation projects for eastern gorilla populations.
S.O.S Gorilla
Internet project in support of mountain gorillas. Provides information on conservation efforts and seeks donations.
Western Gorilla: Gorilla gorilla
Factsheet from ARKive with videos and images, description, range, habitat, biology and conservation.
Western Lowland Gorilla
Biology and conservation issues of Gorilla gorilla gorilla from the World Wildlife Fund.
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