The whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Highly specialized aquatic mammals consisting of sub-orders Mysticeti (baleen whales), Odontoceti (toothed whales), and the extinct Archaeoceti (ancient whales).

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Cetacean Encyclopaedia
Provides species-specific information in encyclopedia format.
Deafwhale Society
Organization dedicated to explaining why whales mass strand themselves on beaches around the world.
Dolphins and Whales in Greece
Descriptions and images of all Greek cetaceans.
Fairweather Adventures - About Whales
Information provided by an Alaskan whale-watching tour company, mainly on humpback and killer whales.
Frontline: A Whale of a Business
A story covering the controversy over whales in captivity.
Identifying Whale Species
Provides assistance on identifying whales from their blows, dorsal fins, flukes, splashes and behavior.
Kona Whale Watch
General information about Hawaii's cetaceans and specific information on humpback whale sightings off the Kona Coast of Hawaii.
The Marine Mammal Center: Cetaeans
Provides complete information on whales, dolphins and porpoises, including description, range and status.
Mingan Island Cetacean Study
Research adventures with blue, fin and humpback whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, Canada, and in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
Order Cetacea
Introduction from the Animal Diversity Web.
Phillip Colla's Whale Photographs
Underwater photographs of six species of whales.
Tethys Research Institute
Research and conservation of Mediterranean whales and dolphins.
Whale Museum
Located in Friday Harbor, Washington. Mission is to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the marine environment with special emphasis on whales.
Whale Song
Information from Wikipedia on the production of sounds by whales and their purpose, with some audio clips.
Whale Songs
Information and trivia about cetaceans.
Whale Watching Web
Whale and whale-watching resources and links, with a guide to whale watching, photos, and sound files.
Whale Web
Wide range of information on all cetaceans, along with other resources and discussion boards.
Educational site that focuses on whales and marine research.
The Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation, CCRC, has undertaken studies on the biology, behavior, and ecology of a variety of cetaceans in the South Pacific and the Bahamas, including the Cook Islands Humpback Whale survey.
Whales and Dolphins
Website showcases information and photographs concerning marine mammals with an emphasis on whales and dolphins.
Whales at Manly
Information about whale migration up the east coast of Australia.
Whales on the Net
Extensive site that includes a photo gallery, fact sheets, FAQ, news, views, action updates, and links.
From Land to Water: the Origin of Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises
Paper by Thewissen et al. from the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach. Gives an overview of the evolution of cetacean organ systems as shown by transitional fossils. (April 16, 2009)

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