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The Owl Pages
Detailed descriptions of different species, including photos and sounds. Also includes mythology, art, books, and collectibles.
Australian Owls and Frogmouths
Habitats, descriptions, pictures, activities, nesting, and breeding information on the owls of Australia.
eNature.com - Nature and Wildlife Field Guides
Owl pictures from a searchable nature and wildlife database.
Flight to Freedom, Inc - Rehabilitating Owls
Personal story of owl rehabilitation from non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of sick and injured birds of prey.
Gander Academy's Owls Theme Page
All about owls, including myths, species list, pictures, quizzes and teacher resources.
Information on Owls
Information on several owl species from The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.
Judy's World Of Owls
History, information, sounds, pictures of owls, and an owl quiz.
North American Owl Identification Guide
Has descriptions, with markings and pictures for about 19 owls, from the non-profit Owl Research Institute in Montana.
Owl Prowl
A school project with observations and photos of owls from participating grade schools.
Owl Theme Unit
Teaching extras for assisting in teaching about owls.
Photos, calls, and species accounts of North American owls.
Owls in Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese
Translation of the word owl in Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese.
Screech Owl Sanctuary
Zoo in Cornwall, England, licensed and open to the public, with species of owls from all over the world. Education program with guided tours and talks, rehabilitation of sick and injured owls and release of birds back into the wild, breeding and research of world owl species.
Sherwood Owls
Site had descriptions and pictures of several pairs of breeding owls including English Barn Owls, Bengal Eagle Owls, Canadian Great Horned Owls, and European Eagle Owls.
The World of Owls
Sanctuary based in Ballymoney. Details and pictures of rescued birds and contact information.
Yahoo Groups: The Owls Perch
A club for owl lovers and the like. Post anything concerning owls including collections, news, and links.
Potter Sparks Pet Owl Demand
Following a surge in inquiries, the RSPCA urges parents not to buy owls as pets for their children following the Harry Potter films. (December 18, 2002)
Owls have Surround Sound
Article describing a new study which reveals that owls catch their prey by creating a two dimensional map of sound signals. (April 12, 2001)

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