Penguins are flightless birds normally found in cold climates in the coastal regions of the southern hemisphere.

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Antarctic Penguins (Adelies and Emperors)
Photos of Adelie and Emperor penguins taken over 3 stays in Antarctica (18 months total), in winter and also underwater. Some recorded calls of adults and chicks.
Antarctica: Penguins
Photographic images and information about several species and details of zoos at which penguins can be seen.
Falklands Penguins
Information and photos of penguins and other wildlife of the Falklands Islands. Adopt a penguin program.
Falklands Penguins
Information about various penguin species native to the Falkland Islands near South America, written from a conservation perspective.
International Penguin Conservation Work Group
Species accounts and information on research and conservation projects.
Nature: The World of Penguins
Tie-in with the PBS show Nature. Includes information about Europeans' discovery of penguins, their adaptations, and ways to protect them.
Penguin Adaptation
How penguins have adapted to survive in the harsh Antarctic. From the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, geared towards students and teachers.
Penguin Mania
General information, facts, and trivia.
Penguin People
Provides links to penguin-related news from around the world.
Penguin Planet
The site offers penguin photos by Kevin Schafer, as well as prints for sale and penguin-related links and audio clips. The site is based around a 2000 book of the same name.
An infobook with a great deal of information on penguins, their biology and behavior.
Penguins of the Falklands and South America
Maps, photographs, population data and detailed scientific reports on penguins and penguin research. - Types of Penguin
Photos and facts on the physical traits, habits, distribution, and diet of 16 species of Sphenisciformes.

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