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About: Birds - Class Aves
Educational site outlining the characteristics of birds, their biology and classification.
Avian Visual Cognition
This multimedia cyberbook provides a comprehensive survey of this area of comparative research with chapters by top international scientists.
Avisoft Bioacoustics
This company provides hardware and software for investigating sound communication in animals.
Bird Families of the World
Don Roberson's detailed guides to about half of the world's 202 bird families.
Bird Families of the World
Directory of photographs of birds taken in a variety of countries.
Bird Hybrids Database
Worldwide database compiled from the ornithological literature of birds with two different species as parents. Includes complete references for each species combination. In English, French, and Spanish.
Bird On!
Internet wild bird pages including information on a bird book, bird news, bird care, a bird album and short articles of a number of bird species.
Mailing list for discussion of bird hybrids.
Birds of North America
A reference series on North American birds, with information and sample profiles.
Birds of Pampas Plain
Provides information and photographs of over 600 bird species that can be seen in Argentina.
Birds of the World
List of current valid scientific avian names subdivided by order and family, based on the Sibley and Monroe and AOU lists. Includes scientific names and publication details.
Birds of the World
Lists of all species with scientific and English names, subdivided by Family. Choice of list based on the Clements or the Sibley and Monroe classification schemes.
Birds Wiki
Online field guide that invites readers to add to and edit.
Brood Parasitism
This essay describes the behavior of birds that lay their eggs in the nest of another species, with links to other essays covering similar topics.
Class Aves
Provides a definition of birds (Aves) and describes their traits.
Conflict and Cooperation
Tamas Szekely provides a really short, illustrated guide to the family life of birds. [PDF]
Cooperative Breeding
Communal breeding occurs when more than two birds of the same species provide care in rearing the young from one nest.
Dominance in Domestic Hen Triads
The role of individual differences and patterns of resolution in the formation of dominance orders in domestic hen triads.
EcoBirds: Anting
Article discussing the strange behavior adopted by some birds in using ants in preening or in some instances, lying down among ants.
The European Union for Bird Ringing
EURING coordinates bird ringing throughout Europe and promotes research needed to inform the conservation and scientific understanding of wild birds.
Exotic Pet Veterinarian - Avian Anatomy
Describes the anatomy and physiology of birds for the lay audience, explaining technical terms along the way. Some emphasis on details of psittacines.
A Field Guide to the Birds on the Web
Links to pictures, sounds, and video of the birds of the world, systematically indexed.
Handbook of the Birds of the World
Information about the book series that will illustrate and deal in detail with all the species of birds in the world. Tables of contents, sample pages, and publication schedule.
History of North American Bird Names
Details all the changes in the American Ornithologists' Union Checklists from 1886 - 2000.
The Internet Bird Collection
Video library of footage of the world's birds, sponsored by the Handbook of the Birds of the World.
Introduction to the Aves
Scientific background and information on birds.
Long-distance Land Bird Migration
This article discusses the reasons for migration, its advantages and disadvantages, and the different patterns of migration adopted by different bird groups.
Mango Verde
Photos and sounds for almost 2000 bird species; field guide quick indices.
National Bird Collection
With roughly 640,000 specimens from around the world, this collection is located in Washington, DC, USA.
Partnership in Birds
Article discussing monogamous birds and those that change partner, and why such divorces occur. [PDF]
Virtual Bird
A collection of bird photographs, videos, and songs from North America and Europe (mainly Finland).

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