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AAAS News Release - Intelligent Design Theory
Resolution on intelligent design theory which rejects the theory as an inadequate competitor to evolution.
Becoming Human
Online documentary, activities and lesson plans.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Evolution
Reviews of several score books about evolution - mostly popular titles, but some academic works as well.
Darwin Day at the University of Tennessee
Annual educational event to encourage teaching evolution as a unifying concept in biology and to disseminate accurate information concerning evolution.
Eugenie Scott - Evolution and Providence
Video of lecture on how to teach evolution.
Evolution and Nature of Science Institute
Lessons for teaching evolution and the nature of science in high school biology.
Evolution at Old Dominion University
Course-specific materials and links to a variety of web resources on evolutionary biology.
Evolution Resources from the National Acadamies
Books (some with full online versions), position statements, and research papers.
Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution
This article clears up five of the most important misconceptions about evolution. Includes rebuttals.
How Humans Evolved
A general introduction to natural selection and population genetics, human behavior and mating, and the fossil record. Includes quizzes.
Life and Times of Early Man
Lesson plans and activities for teachers and an introduction to human evolution for children.
NABT's Statement on Teaching Evolution
Position statement that the teaching of biology in an effective and scientifically honest manner requires that evolution be taught in a standards-based instructional framework with effective classroom discussions and laboratory experiences.
National Association for Objectivity in Science about Evolution
Promotes teaching of critical thinking about the theory of evolution.
National Center for Science Education
Clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and certain other theories out.
NCSE: Statements from Educational Organizations
Position statements from several dozen scientific education organizations.
Ongoing Challenges to Evolution Education: Resources and Activities of the National Academies
Jay B. Labov of the National Academy of Sciences outlines recent and planned activities of the Center for Education concerning the teaching of evolution, and collaborative activities with other organizations.
PBS: Evolution
Online course and guide for teachers plus lessons for students.
Questions and Answers about Scientific Theories
A helpful handout for educators addressing questions about scientific theories and misinformation about the theory of evolution.
Resources for Teaching and Learning Biology
The American Institute of Biological Sciences provides links to a number of resources on biology teaching including evolution.
Systematics and Evolution Research Group
Provides information on the graduate study programs at the University of Alberta, the funding opportunities and academic staff.
Teaching Evolution and the Nature of Science
Online book for teachers provided by the National Academy of Sciences.
Understanding Evolution
Teaching the science and history of evolutionary biology, from the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education.
BBC News: Teaching the Evolution Teachers
Article about a plan to improve how the theory of evolution is taught in the United States and Canada. (July 03, 2000)

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