Lessons and labs for use by Biology teachers.

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Dissection alternatives and humane educational materials. Offers frequently-asked questions about animals in education, myths about dissection, and links.
Online companion to a general biology course taught at Fort Scott Community College.
BioMedia Associates
Microscopy, closeups, dissections, animations, videos and multimedia of the living world. Materials are for classroom use by students and teachers. Some products are advertised.
Course World: Biology
A research tool for high school teachers and students. Includes lesson plans, links to other sites, tests. Hosted in Canada.
FOR SEA Institute of Marine Science
Award-winning hands-on/minds-on activities, lessons,instructional materials, and resources for teaching science through the marine environment.
Gondar Design Biology
On-line lessons written by a biology teacher (Nigel Purchon) covering many topics. Site is most useful for UK students, but of use to others also.
Growing African Violets at School
Provides kids, teachers and volunteers an on-line information service about growing African Violets at school.
Higher Order Thinking in Teaching Science
AP biology and laboratories, with emphasis on genetics, evolutionary biochemistry, animal physiology, and unique Amphioxus model system.
I Love Science
Provides a web-centered learning environment for biology students covering the living environment, anatomy, physiology and marine biology.
Lesson Plans Inc.
Science education resource for high school teachers. Provides lesson plans and a free biology curriculum.
PBS Science and Technology TeacherSource
Lesson plans, online activities, classroom resources, and professional development projects.
Positively Aging
This curriculum includes lesson plans and activities for teaching at high school level. Many subject areas can be taught using aging as the central theme.
Project GROWS
Genetic Research on Western Salmon provides protocols for high school students to use molecular techniques to do authentic genetic research on endangered salmon populations, as well as distinguishing Pacific native from non-native mussels. Student data can be contributed to the website and will be evaluated by fisheries scientists. Also includes sources of equipment and supplies
South Florida National Park Activity Guide for Teachers
K4-6 curriculum-based environmental education programs and classroom resources including information about the Everglades ecosystem.
Sun Safety For Kids
Guide for developing school or camp sun safety programs. Includes legislation, links, and articles about aspects of sun safety.
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