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Wildlife generally means non-domesticated animals that are large enough to see. It does not usually include microfauna or ranched animals.

Adapting the definition used by the ODP, Wildlife Ecology is a branch of science dealing with the interrelationships of wildlife with their own species and other animals, and with their nonliving environment. These relationships include physiological responses of individuals, structure and dynamics of populations, interactions among species, organization of biological communities, and processing of energy and matter in ecosystems.

However, as a science, Wildlife Ecology generally excludes fish and fisheries. Fisheries Ecology has developed its own tradition and methodology. The distinction of course is a convention.

Wildlife Management is included here because in practice, management is generally (though not invariably) based on ecological principles and knowledge. However it often incorporates an additional component of human interaction: it has been described as "a triad that includes habitat, people, and animals, and the interactions that occur between them" (See also:

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High Hills and Wild Goats: Life Among the Animals of the Hai-Bar Wildlife Refuge
Provides information on Bill Clark's book which describes wildlife re-introduction efforts into the Negev Desert in Israel.
Managing Michigans Wildlife: A Landowner's Guide
Articles and documents provide information on attracting and managing wildlife in backyards and natural areas.
National Wildlife Refuge System
Detailed information on all aspects of refuge management in the USA. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Olympia Forest Science Laboratory - Wildlife Ecology Team
Their research focuses on ecology, management, and conservation of sensitive wildlife species.
Pollinator Partnership
Information for gardeners, educators and resource managers to encourage the health of resident and migratory pollinator animals. Extensive digital document library provides gardening and other information.
Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Management Board
SRSMB is dedicated to preventing further decline of the lake sturgeon population in the Saskatchewan River between E.B. Campbell Dam in Saskatchewan and Grand Rapids Dam in Manitoba.
Time, Points and Space: Analysis of Wildlife Data in GIS
Dissertation by Stephan Imfeld (Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich).
Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Beluga Whales
A system of understanding one's environment. It is built over generations, as people depend on the land and sea for their food, materials, and culture.
The WILD Foundation
The International Wilderness Leadership (WILD) Foundation supports the protection and appropriate use of critical wilderness areas, wildland values and endangered wildlife throughout the world.
Wildlife Research
A journal for publication on all aspects of conservation and management of wild vertebrates.
Wisdom of Wildlife
Blog written by an Indonesian wildlife biologist working in Indonesia on conservation research. It deals with a range of topics from the rainforest to urban life.
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