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Akcakaya, H. Resit
Research at Stony Brook University focuses on developing and applying quantitative methods to address questions in conservation biology and environmental risk assessment.
Beklioglu, Meryem
Shallow lake ecology, eutrophication, restoration through biomanipulation, behavioural ecology, ecotoxicology. CV and publication list.
Brown, James H.
Research in the Brown lab includes ecology, biogeography, macroecology, allometry and body size studies. Lab members, research, publications, CV and teaching.
Callesen, Ingeborg
Research interests include biogeochemistry of forest landscapes, forest soils, soil carbon and climate, water quality and nitrogen deposition.
Chalcraft Lab
Description of population and community ecology research in the lab of David R. Chalcraft at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.
DeLuca, John J.
Works in the fields of ecology, conservation biology, ornithology, and natural resource management, with an emphasis on birds and other wildlife.
Blog covering ecology, nature and the environment.
Franco, Daniel
Interests include environmental research, ecological research, environmental monitoring and landscape resource planning.
Grenouillet, Gael
Fish ecologist working on species distribution modelling to assess the potential impacts of climate change on stream ecosystems.
Günther, Folke
Human settlement adaptation, greywater purification, ruralisation, permaculture, recycling of nutrients, oil depletion problems.
Jackson, Randall
Assistant Professor of Grassland Ecology. Department of Agronomy. University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Jackson, Robert B.
Plant physiological ecology and ecosystem ecology. Full text of many recent publications and poster presentations.
Krembs, Christopher
Research on polar sea-ice microbes, their adaptations to the extreme environment, and their effect on sea ice physical properties.
Kutlakhmedov, Yuri Alexeevich
Professor of Radiecology of Kiev State University, Ukraine.
Laliberté, Etienne
Research into the links between agricultural intensification, plant biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and resilience in grazing systems.
Martin-Benito, Dario
Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Columbia University. Research focusing on environmental and ecological changes in forests across tropical Asia, South America, the Mediterranean, and Eastern North America.
Masyagina, Oxana V.
Research interests include ecology, plant physiology, climate change, boreal forests and permafrost.
McPeek, Mark A.
Professor of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College, University of Kentucky. Research interests in ecology and evolutionary biology and publications.
Munshi-South, Jason
Research activities at Prof. Munshi-South’s lab at Baruch College include laboratory and field work in conservation biology, molecular ecology and mammalogy.
Ostertag, Rebecca
Tropical forest ecology research and teaching in the Department of Biology, University of Hawaii at Hilo.
Pauchard, Anibal
Abstracts, publications and links related to conservation biology and plant invasions.
Pavlic, Ted
Specializing in control theory, with emphasis on foraging theory. Also, available are whitepapers and educational background.
Peart, David R.
Research interests include the growth and survival of trees, the dynamics of populations, and the composition and structure of forests.[Dartmouth College]
Reth, Sascha
Structural research on a European forest with measurement of LAI, WAI, PAI, leaf and branch angle.
Richard, Yvan
Postdoctoral fellow in ecology at Massey University, New Zealand. Research interests include fragmentation of habitats.
Ruther, Joachim
Chemical ecology of insects including how plant volatiles and pheromones influence insect behavior. Also lists scientific activities and publications.
Stephens, Philip A.
Research interests include mammalian population dynamics, behavioral modelling and mathematical ecology.
Ulanowicz, Robert E.
Theory of ascendency; ecosystems network analysis; causality; food-web studies; ecological thermodynamics and information theory.
Volker Rudolf
Volker Rudolf at Rice University with description of his research interests, publications and contact information.
Wade, Brian D.
Research interests include microbial ecology and evolution, microbiogeology, molecular genetic techniques and astrobiology.
Waring, Scot
Behavioral dynamics of thrips (Order Thysanoptera) and their natural enemies.
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