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Landscape ecology is the study of interacting ecosystems within a heterogeneous, or varied, environment with a spatial scale of several kilometers.

Landscape ecologists incorporate knowledge from multiple disciplines, including ecology and geology, to better understand the structure, function, and dynamics of interacting ecosystems, and to develop sustainable land-use management practices.

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Forest Landscape Ecology Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research lab focusing on forested ecosystems, primarily in the Great Lakes region.
GIS in Species Conservation and Management
Short articles about current and recent projects using geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis in conservation and management of species and landscapes. Projects involve habitat modeling and linking landscape data to population viability analyses.
Institute of Landscape Ecology
Multi-disciplinary research institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, focused on basic and applied researches of the landscape and its biotic and abiotic components.
International Society for Ecological Modelling
Promotes the international exchange of ideas, scientific results, and general knowledge in the area of the application of systems analysis and simulation in ecology and natural resource management.
Landscape and Restoration Ecology
Summary of research, teaching and some example projects at the University of Florida.
Landscape Ecology and Modeling Laboratory, Arizona State University
Research projects, people, publications emphasizing theoretical spatial ecology.
Landscape Ecology Laboratory, Duke University
About research, facilities, and teaching related to integrating field studies, geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial statistics and simulation modeling in a synthetic approach to environmental analysis and problem-solving at large spatial scales.
Landscape Ecology Program, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Promotes sustainable landscape management through an integrated program in teaching, research, and outreach.
Monica Turner's Landscape Ecology Lab
Introduction to landscape ecology and information on several research projects. University of Wisconsin.
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