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The technology of freezing sperm and ova (eggs) is often used to provide donor sperm or eggs for the treatment of infertility, although people often choose to store their own sperm, eggs, or fertilized embryos as a backup in case they should want to produce children in the future.

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Biogenetics Corporation
Provides cryopreservation and/or storage to individuals preserving their own sperm, embryos, testicular tissue, or ovarian tissue. Contact information for offices in New York and New Jersey.
California Cryobank
Tissue bank for sperm and embryo storage in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, California, and in Cambridge MA. Umbilical cord blood storage in Santa Monica, California.
Canine Cryobank
Cryopreservation of dog semen for breeding, and of cells for possible future cloning. In San Marcos, California.
Cryos International
Sperm bank which specializes in delivery of cryopreserved semen from screened donors. Offers fee list, FAQ and a catalog of donors.
Fairfax Cryobank, USA
Sperm and embryo storage. Includes company information and donor search.
Fertility Center of California
Provides long-term storage of sperm and embryos, and diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems. Supplies information and videos about their services.
Professional Embryo Transfer Supply, Inc.
Online retailer of products needed to perform bovine, equine and ovine embryo transfer. Includes a product catalog and a directory of embryologists.
Seattle Sperm Bank LLC
Specializes in open identity donors and offers a photograph matching service. Provides information about their service and company, articles, blog and testimonials. Located in Washington, USA.
The Sperm Bank of California
The Sperm Bank of California is a non profit sperm bank offering donor insemination and sperm storage services.
Xytex Corporation
Xytex Corporation is a global provider of human sperm to healthcare professionals and their patients.
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