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Apodaca Laboratory
Research projects include the analysis of endocytic pathways and the bladder umbrella cells. Provides information on lab members, publications, protocols, training and an image gallery.
Cancer biology research programs at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Research addresses the molecular basis of fundamental biological processes underlying cancer disease. Provide information about scientists, laboratory research, publications, and career opportunities.
Cellculture Research
The cell biology research group at the Department of Biomedical Research of Medical University of Vienna Austria. Provides information regarding current research in electrical microcurrent, shockwavetreatment and extracellular matrix components.
CMB Department at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Describes the ongoing research of the cell and molecular biology department of Northwestern University.
EPR Center at Dartmouth College
A Biomedical Technology Research Center supported by the National Center for Research Resources and National Institutes of Health for the study of viable systems.
Fornerod Laboratory
Research on nucleocytoplasmic transport and the nuclear envelope at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam.
Fornerod Laboratory
Research on nucleocytoplasmic transport, chromatin biology and connections between the two at the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The Gelfand Laboratory
Laboratoty of Vladimir Gelfand at the Department of Cell and Structural Biology, University of Illinois. The lab studies cytoskeleton, motor proteins and the mechanisms of organelle transport.
Gould Laboratory, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Focused on understanding how the eukaryotic cell cycle is regulated; particularly how entry into mitosis is controlled and how cytokinesis is regulated.
Heuser Lab
Electron microscopy visualization of cells and molecules. History, gallery, procedures, projects and staff at Washington University.
John H. Exton, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics and Pharmacology. Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Cell Signaling, Growth Factors and Hormones, G Proteins, Phospholipases.
The Lab of Saul M. Honigberg
Biology research lab at the Univ. of MO Kansas City. Research interests: signal transduction, cell cycle control and cell differentiation. Model system: S. cerevisiae.
Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Signaling
The LCMS studies intra- and intercellular signaling with electrophysiological (patch-clamp) and fluorometric techniques, focusing on calcium signaling in immune response, muscle contraction, and neurodegeneration (from the University of Hawaii).
Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology
Researching nutrient-induced signal transduction in yeast and its role in the control of metabolism, stress resistance and growth, at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Flanders, Belgium.
Lindon Lab
Lindon lab in Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK research protein pathways related to proteolytic machinery regulating mitosis and cell division.
Markey Center for Structural Biology
Research on motility through cross-disciplinary research, profiles of team members, postdoctoral opportunities, job openings at Perdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
McDonald Laboratory
Research on the cellular mechanisms of angiogenesis, vascular remodeling, and plasma leakage in animal models of chronic inflammation and cancer, at the University of California, San Francisco, CA.
National Laboratory for HIV Immunology
AIDS related analytical cytology, in which molecular flow cytobiology is used, at the Population and Public Health Branch of Health Canada.
Nitric Oxide research group
The No group at St.George's Hospital Medical School: information on nitric oxide and its roles in apoptosis, angiogenesis and cell motility.
Orr-Weaver Lab, MIT
Research on cell growth and division and key differentiation processes at MIT.
Postech Signal Transduction Lab
Pohang University of Science Technology, Dept. of Life Science Dr. Pann-Ghill Suh and Dr. Sung Ho Ryu. Provides information about research, publications, laboratory staff.
Royle Lab
Steve Royle's laboratory at the University of Liverpool, a molecular cell biology lab interested in membrane trafficking and cell division.
Seb Carreno Lab
This lab at the University of Montreal is investigating the molecular mechanisms that regulate the actin and microtubule dynamic interplay during cell division.
Yakoby Lab
Describes research into the mechanisms of cell fate determination, using the eggs of Drosophila at Rutgers, Camden, New Jersey.

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