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Analytical Biological Services Inc.
Offers custom reagents, blood cell preparations and high capacity cell culture services, to drug discovery and biomedical research laboratories. Includes overview, related links, pricing, shipping and contacts at Wilmington DE.
Axis Shield Density Gradient Media
Products for the isolation of mammalian and non-mammalian cells, subcellular membranes, cell organelles, viruses and macromolecules using centrifugation techniques.
Biocell Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturer of Class I, II, and III medical devices and blood plasma components for use in biotechnology, research and biomedical laboratory diagnostics. Located at Rancho Dominguez, California.
Biochrom AG.
Culture media, sterile solutions, supplements and fetal bovine serum. Includes login and ordering, contacts for international partners and corporate overview of manufacturer in Berlin, Germany.
Offers sera from a range of species for use in fibroblast, hybridoma and stem cell culture. Located in France and East Sussex, UK.
Cell Applications. Inc.
Offers animal primary cells, human iPSC, trabecular meshwork cells, disease models, media, reagents, and test kits. Includes resources, publications, support from San Diego, and global distributor list.
Cell Technology, Inc.
Develop assays for detection of apoptosis and cellular functions using cell permeable reagents. INcludes technical support and ordering from Mountain View, California.
Cellutron Life Technology
Offer cardiomyocytes, myocytes isolation system and primary cell cultures. Includes technical support, terms for ordering from Highland Park, New Jersey.
Coriell Cell Repositories
Provides essential research reagents to the scientific community by establishing, verifying, maintaining and distributing cell cultures and DNA derived from cell cultures. Held at the Institute for Medical Research, Camden, NJ, USA.
Cytotech ApS
Offers animal and normal human cell systems, growth factors, detaching agent, sera and serum-free customized media and supplements. Also angiogenesis kit, Japanese, UK distributors and contacts in Hellebaek, Denmark.
Enzo Life Sciences
Distributor of a range of life science products for genomic analysis, cellular analysis, post-translational modification, signal transduction, drug discovery and cancer and immunology research.
Gemini Bio-Products
FDA-registered manufacturer of sera, media and reagents for cell culture including human and animal blood products, custom media, supplements and reagents.
Hammond Cell Tech
Supplier of cell culture reagents for serum-free cell culture of primary cells, including stem cells, with specialty in bovine pituitary extract sourced from US or New Zealand. Located in Healdsburg, California.
Irvine Scientific
Supplies media, supplements and sera, including custom preparation, and kits for mycoplasma screening of cell cultures, clinical diagnosis for reproductive disorders, cytogenetics and fetal lung maturity. Includes technical FAQ, contacts for international distributors and base in Santa Ana, CA.
JR Scientific, Inc
Manufacture of sera, reagents for tissue culture, biotechnology, cell culture and blood products. Includes areas of OEM consulting and contract development, and catalog of standard sera available from Woodford, CA.
Lifeblood Medical, Inc
Sells cell culture media and also patented products for FBS replacement and tissue preservation. Details of collaborations and profile of company in Freehold, New Jersey.
Lifeline Cell Technology, LLC
Develops and markets the human and animal cells, optimized cell culture media and reagents for cell culture research.
Mediatech, Inc.
FAQ and support in manufacturing processes, container types, dissociation, antibiotics, supplementation, cryopreservation and viability, in promoting Cellgro products from Herndon, Virginia.
Minerva Biolabs
Specialist in PCR diagnostic assays of mycoplasma, offering diagnostic kits and services for inactivation in cell cultures, and disinfection in clinical and veterinary applications. PDF data sheets, ordering from international distributors, and from Berlin, Germany.
PromoCell GmbH.
Offers cultured normal human cells and specialised media for use in biomedicine research as well as a wide range of products for cell biology research including antibodies, ELISAs, cytokines, growth factors, kits and reagents.
QBM Cell Science
Produces cryopreserved neuronal cells from rat brain cortex, hippocampus and striatum. Includes technical instructions for thawing and culture for disassociated primary neurons, pages, protocols on immunohistochemistry, prices and contacts in Ottawa, Canada.
UCSD: Core Bio Services
Offers molecular biology, such as operon oligonucleotide synthesis and plasmid purification, and cell culture supplies and liquid nitrogen storage for cell lines and biologicals.
Valley Biomedical
Suppliers of processed human sera and animal blood products, for cell culture. Offer bulk manufacture, small vial filling, and kit assembly on contract, for non-catalog items. Contacts in Winchester, Virginia.
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