Sites describing technologically innovative equipment designed to explore whole cells; their growth and culture in vitro, including harvesting of secreted proteins or GM products.

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Billups-Rothenberg, Inc.
Hypoxia, hyperoxia and CO2 incubators, modular incubator chambers and hot box systems for cell and tissue culture. Product profiles include instructions, accessories, prices and order form and contacts in Del Mar, CA.
Develops, manufactures and markets devices for the use in cell culture, research and biotechnology industries from Powell, Ohio.
Chemometec AS.
Manufacturer of the NucleoCounter, for counting mammalian cells, using fluorescence at low magnification optics for surface area analysis of particles at µL scale. Includes profiles of product and corporate base in Allerød, Denmark.
Slide kits combining cell culture and microscopic observation, with associated accessories. Includes specifications, price and dealer list, and contacts in San Juan Capistrano, CA.
Fiber Cell Systems, Inc.
Innovators in hollow fiber cell culture technology for production of secreted proteins, lymphocyte expansion, endothelial cells and adenoviruses. Includes product overview, contacts for distributor and sales in Frederick, MD.
Flexcell International Corp.
Cytomechanics and cell culture technology, plates and accessories. Includes technical FAQ, publication list, contacts for distributors and profile of manufacturer in Hillsborough, NC.
Oxford Optronix Ltd.
Biosensors for combined tissue oxygen, blood perfusion and temperature monitoring and mammalian colony counting and cell-survival assays. Includes product overview, client portfolio and profile of company in Oxford, England.
Offer pumping system for cell culture and disposable manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, for filtration, liquid transfer, chromatography and mixing. Includes specifications and profile of company in Boston, Massachusetts.
Spectrum Laboratories, Inc.
Technologies for in vitro cell culture, laboratory dialysis and filters, including Spectra/Por membranes and Microgon hollow fibers. Ordering options include account login, and contacts for international dealers and HQ in Rancho Dominguez, California.
Synthecon, Inc.
Systems for growing human cells and tissue cultures, and the production of biopharmaceuticals, including contract manufacturing service. Includes details of equipment, contacts for global distributors and headquarters in Houston, Texas.
Techno Plastic Products AG
Manufacturer of pyrogen-free labware, including vacuum filtration for tissue culture. Includes catalog and contacts in Trasadingen, Switzerland.
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