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Sites primarily describing technology designed as a result of research in this field, for equipment, prototypes, new materials. Also companies offering expertise in this field, perhaps as subcategories including Consulting, Contract_Services and Analytical_Laboratories.

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Life sciences supplier of primary cells and cancer cell lines for cell biology research. Provides product support information, links to scientific research and professional journal publications.
American Fluoroseal Corporation
Produces fluorocarbon containers, cryopreservation and cell culture bags.
American Type Culture Collection
ATCC is a nonprofit repository of cell lines, offering technical services, and educational programs to private industry, government, and academic organizations around the world, from its base in Manassas, VA.
Applied Genetics Laboratories, Inc.
Offers G-banded karyotyping cell characterization, cytogenetic and isoenzyme analysis for species identification. Includes probes for Cot-1 DNA and to chromosomes for human and mouse chromosome in Melbourne, Florida.
Manufacturer of life science research products and consumables. Provides ordering catalog and product support information for bioreactor flasks, microtubes, and accessories.
Automated Live Cell Printer
Digilab CellJet cell printer incorporates synQUAD liquid dispensing technology offering both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop non-contact live cell printing while maintaining cell viability. Provide list of applications, associated products, and technical product support information.
Offering technical and commercial solutions to specialized academic, hospital and public research laboratories, as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, from Dardilly, France. [English and French]
Provider of in vitro imaging assays and data analysis. Provide image analysis services for research and preclinical development programs.
Biological Industries
Manufacturer of life science research products in the field of cell culture and molecular biology. Provides product support technical details for stem cells research.
Biotec Services International Ltd
Offers clinical trials services for Phase I to Phase IV trials. Provides information about the company, services, and regulatory requirements.
Provider of protein synthesis, protein sequencing, and bioinformatics services to analyze the sequencing data.
Caisson Laboratories, Inc.
Offers reagents and media for mammalian and plant, cell and tissue culture, and related laboratory equipment for biotechnology, academia and industry, from Sugar City, ID.
Celsense Inc
Manufacturer of reagents that enable the real-time in vivo imaging of transplanted cells for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Provides technology description, research publications, and company contact information.
ClaremontBio Solutions
Manufacturer of products for sample preparation technologies for cell lysis, DNA extraction, and His-tagged protein purification. Provide product support information, company news and events.
Manufacturer of collagen type I and II solutions for biology research use in cell culture, tissue engineering and biomedicine. Provide online catalog.
European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC)
Repository of authenticated cell cultures and microbial strains.
Flow Cytometry Systems by Stratedigm
Manufacturer of flow cytometer instruments and supplies. Provides product support information and technical specifications, as well as comparison to competitors and service options.
Manufacturer of antibodies, proteins, peptides and other reagents for Life Science research applications. Provides technical specs and product support information for antibodies and other products.
German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ)
Non-profit biological resource center dedicated to the acquisition, characterization and identification, preservation and distribution of microorganisms, human and animal cell lines, plant cell cultures and plant viruses.
Manufacturer of cell culture products, media and cell lysis reagents. Provides product support information, applications, and ordering system.
Lampire Biological Laboratories
Manufacturer of human and animal blood products and tissues, immunochemicals and reagents. Provides product support information and details about animal research conducted by the company.
Offers semen sample analysis using CASA system. Provides service description, publications, and image gallery.
Manufactuter of pre-coated coverslips for cell culture, confocal fluorescence microscopy, and cell biology research applications. Provides information about various coating systems.
Orla Protein Technologies
Manufacturer of protein products for use in cell culture, diagnostics and biosensors. Provides information about products, news, events.
ScienCell Research Laboratories
Manufacturer of life sciences and cell biology products for experimental and laboratory use. Provides product support information and online ordering catalog.
Stable Cell Line Services
Offers development of stable cell lines, service support and scientific information about generation of stably expressing cells.
Techno Plastic Products
Suppliers of a wide range of tissue cell culture plasticware.
The United Kingdom National Culture collection
Over 70,000 micro-organisms and cell lines are available. The UKNCC co-ordinates the activities, marketing and research of the UK national service collections.
Vitrolife AB
Offer sterile nutrient solutions and devices for the preparation, cultivation and preservation of human cells, tissues and organs. Manufactures fertility and transplantation systems in Gothenburg, Sweden and Denver, Colorado.
Zen-Bio Inc.
Offers normal human cells, extracts, research kits and contract assays. Includes protocols for cell culture, ordering information, links to distributors and profile of company in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
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