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Electronic Sites of Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals
Links to the electronic sites of major journals publishing articles about plants and plant biology.
Acta Biologica Cracoviensia Series Botanica
A journal devoted to plant anatomy, morphology, cytology, genetics, karyology, embryology, tissue culture, physiology and biosystematics. Contents and abstracts.
Acta Botanica Brasilica
Editorial board, subscription, instructions to authors, tables of contents and abstracts.
Acta Botanica Hungarica
Instructions to authors, tables of contents, abstracts.
Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica
Publishes articles and reviews in all aspects of systematic and evolutionary botany. Information for authors, tables of contents and abstracts.
A peer-reviewed journal of plant biology, devoted to the inventory, analysis and interpretation of vascular plants biodiversity. It publishes original results of botanical research
Advances in Botanical Research
A wide range of topics in plant sciences, contents and abstracts.
American Journal of Botany.
Peer-reviewed archived issues, current articles, and collected papers on plant structure, function, genetics, development, evolution, diversity, systematics and ecology including cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, and lichens.
Annales Botanici Fennici
A scientific journal published by the Finnish Zoological and Botanical Publishing Board.
Annals of Botany
Covers all major areas of plant science. Publishes full-length research papers, with occasional supplements that focus on particular themes, short communications, articles, book reviews, and short commissioned reviews on topical subjects.
Aquatic Botany
Studies on plant-dominated aquatic communities, ecosystems and aquatic plants: tables of contents, abstracts, sample issue, information for authors.
Australian Journal of Botany
An international journal for plant science encompassing all plant groups and covering many areas of environmental interest.
Australian Systematic Botany
A journal for publication of research on taxonomy, biogeography, and evolution of all plant groups.
Journal of the Philadelphia Botanical Club. Current issue table of contents, and information about subscribing and contributing.
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society
This journal is the Society's main vehicle for publication of original research papers in the plant sciences.
Covers all areass of plant science. Provides a sample issue, back numbers and information for authors. Formerly the Canadian Journal of Botany.
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis
Print and online journal with free sample copy. Includes abstracts from 2001 onwards.
Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
Print and online journal with free sample copy. Includes abstracts from 1992 onwards.
Current Opinion in Plant Biology
Tables of contens, abstracts, sample issue, information for authors.
Edinburgh Journal of Botany
International journal of plant systematics and related aspects of biodiversity, conservation science, and phytogeography.
Environmental and Experimental Botany
Papers on the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms and processes that relate the performance of plants to their abiotic and biotic environment; subscription information, for authors, journal related information, tables of contents.
Feddes Repertorium
Journal of botanical taxonomy and geobotany; subscription, editorial board, tables of contents, abstracts.
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Journal devoted to all aspects of plant genetic resources research. Contains ordering information, tables of contents and abstracts.
Genome Research
Includes archived issues, current and ahead-of-print articles, and subscriptions.
International Journal of Plant Sciences
Consists of an electronic edition, description of the journal, and subscription information.
The Journal of Experimental Botany
Contains current articles, archived issues, subscriptions, and links.
Journal of Phycology
The Journal of Phycology was founded in 1965 by the Phycological Society of America. The Journal is a leading international journal and publishes research from all over the world.
Journal of Plant Ecology
Publishes original papers on the plant ecology. Instructions, the editorial board, tables of contents and abstracts.
Journal of Plant Nutrition
Print and online journal with free sample copy. Includes abstracts from 2001 onwards.
Molecular Breeding
Subscription information and sample copies.
New Phytologist
Research papers on the latest developments in plant science.
Pakistan Journal of Botany
Official website of the Pakistan Botanical Society. The journal covers a wide range of subjects on plant science.
Photosynthesis Research
Official journal of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research. Subscription information and sample copies.
International journal for photosynthesis research. Subscription information, samples, and article information.
Covers research on all aspects of plant chemistry, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology and chemical ecology.
An International Journal of Plant Sciences which includes reviews and articles on topics such as plant biology and cell structures.
Phyton: International Journal of Experimental Botany
Publishes original articles, short and technical notes and review articles in all fields of botany, the biology of soils, and terrestrial and aquatic plants.
Plant and Soil
Publishes original papers and review articles that deal with the interface of plant biology and soil sciences. Ordering information, samples, and links.
Plant Biology
Provides journal information, contents lists and abstracts. On the Blackwell Publishing website.
The Plant Cell
Consists of current and archived articles, subscription information, and samples.
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture
An international journal on biotechnology of higher plants. Ordering information, samples, tables of contents, abstracts and links.
Plant Ecology
Formerly Vegetatio. An international journal which publishes original scientific papers dealing with the ecology of vascular plants and bryophytes in terrestrial, aquatic and wetland ecosystems. Ordering information, samples, and links.
Plant Growth Regulation
Subscription information, samples, and links.
The Plant Journal
Original research papers in all key areas of modern plant biology. Online journal issues older than 12 months are available free to all users.
Plant Molecular Biology
Offers a rapid publication outlet for research on comparative genomics, proteomics, regulatory networks, bioinformatics and biotechnology. Author instructions, online submission, contents and abstracts with full text available by fee to Springer.
Plant Omics
International peer-reviewed journal gathers and disseminates information on many areas of plant and crop molecular biology.
Plant Science Bulletin
Contains archived and current issues which are published four times per year.
Plant Species Biology
Aims to communicate and exchange knowledge and ideas on plant species and their biological aspects. Free access to tables of contents and abstracts.
Original articles and invited reviews in all aspects of plant biology. Tables of contents, abstracts, archived issues, subscriptions.
South African Journal of Botany
Publishes papers which make an original contribution to any field of botany. Abstracts, instructions to authors, editors.
Thaisza, Journal of Botany
Journal publishes papers in all fields of botany. Editorial board, contents and abstracts, guide to authors.
Transgenic Research
A bimonthly international journal publishing research in transgenic higher organisms. Includes subscription information, samples, and links.
Trends in Plant Sciences
Publishes articles ranging from molecular biology through ecology.
Annals of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem. Guidelines for authors, contents and abstracts.
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