Professional journals that specialize in plant physiology.

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Annual Review of Plant Biology
Archive of contents since 1984, but requires subscription for full text articles.
Annual Review of Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology
Annual Review of Plant Physiology is an annually released journal. This site allows users to search for articles in issues of the journal since 1984 and lists the contents of the current issue.
Biologia Plantarum
Biologia Plantarum, an international journal of experimental botany, publishes in English original research reports, review articles and brief communications in all fields of plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, genetics, structural botany and pathology.
Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology
Contains information about the journal, including instructions for authors.
Bulgarian Journal of Plant Physiology
Formerly, Fiziologia na rasteniyata, Sofia, this journal publishes original scientific and methodological papers, brief communications and reviews on special topics in the field of plant physiology and biochemistry.
Functional Plant Biology
A journal for publication of biochemistry, biophysics, developmental biology, cell and molecular biology, plant-environment and plant-microbe interactions, and the integration of these areas.
Journal of Experimental Botany
The Journal of Experimental Botany publishes primary research papers in the plant sciences. These papers cover a range of disciplines from molecular and cellular physiology and biochemistry through whole plant physiology to community physiology.
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation
An international journal publishing original articles on all aspects of plant growth and development.
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
The Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science publishes papers on plant physiology, plant nutrition, fertilization, food quality and ecology.
Phytochemistry covers research on all aspects of plant chemistry, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology and chemical ecology.
Plant and Cell Physiology
An international journal devoted to the publication of original papers in the biological sciences including: physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and gene engineering of plants and micro-organisms.
The Plant Cell
Consists of current and archived articles, subscription information, and samples.
Plant Physiology
Contains information about the journal, including its scope, instructions for authors and abstracts from recent issues.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
The journal embraces physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, structure and genetics at different levels, from the molecular to the whole plant and environment.
Tree Physiology
Consists of subscription information, online access to articles, links, author information, and announcements.
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