This category is for listings of professional societies and organizations dedicated to the study of Plant Pathology.

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American Phytopathological Society
International organization that promotes the study and management of plant diseases through journal and book publications, meetings, and electronic resources for students, teachers and researchers.
Arab Society for Plant Protection
Newsletter, publications, and information about society.
Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology
Constitution, meetings and upcoming events.
British Society for Plant Pathology
Founded for the study and advancement of plant pathology. Publishes several journals and disease reports.
Czech Society for Plant Pathology
Events, news, publications, members list, and information about the society.
European Foundation for Plant Pathology
Promotes scientific and technical cooperation in plant health in Europe and facilitates the exchange of information between pathologists who are members of national or regional societies.
German Phytomedical Society
Promotes and disseminates information relating to plant pathology, entomology and weeds at a national and international level.
Indian Phytopathological Society
Meetings, publications and information about the society.
International Society of Plant Pathology
Worldwide organization supporting the development and dissemination of knowledge about plant diseases and management. Includes links to national, regional and international associated societies.
Mediterranean Phytopathological Union
Helps plant pathologists contact one another, and spreads information relating to Mediterranean diseases.
New Zealand Plant Protection Society
Professional society researching and publishing biology, ecology and control of weeds, pests, pathogens and beneficial organisms in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and natural ecosystems.
Phytopathological Society of Japan
Promotes the increase and diffusion of knowledge relating to plant diseases and their control. Includes abstracts of the societies' journal, membership information, details of local and international meetings, and relevant links.
The Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology
News, meetings and related information.
The Society of Irish Plant Pathologists
Image gallery, meetings and articles of interest.
Southern African Society for Plant Pathology
SASPP promotes the development and dissemination of information on plant pathology in South Africa and its neighbouring countries through annual meetings and publications.
Swiss Society for Phytiatry
Involved in exchange of information between specialists in phytopathology, entomology and weed science. Contains list of meetings, membership form, and relevant links.
XSGrowth Plant Health Clinic
Non-profit organization aiming to encourage the provision of comprehensive diagnostic and advisory services for plant health around the world.
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